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Yuria's Blog > kekeke

Posted 05 May 2008

Apparently almost all of these entries start with: Haaay I've forggotten to wriiiiiiiiiiiiiite hiaaaaarrr :good: Well, that's the case this time too.

Now is the time to blabber a bit about my life, yay. The day after tomorrow, we'll be holding a music night XD That is, our class will play many different songs by different bands, and we sell...


Posted 29 January 2008

Haaaa~, it's been a long time since I wrote in this blog... Well, I forget things often :D

I can't really make up a good topic, so I'll just tell that I love BUCK-TICK. It's the first time I've liked a j-rock band this much :D The singer, Atsushi Sakurai is sooooooo hot :D I can't believe that I've said to my sister that...

Yuria's Blog > Long time no see...

Posted 15 December 2007

Wow, I sure have forgotten to write in here... So here are my thoughts over November and December:

Christmas is coming, and I'm pretty excited. The 8th graders of our school always do a play on Christmas, and since I'm an 8th grader and like acting, I'm in the play :D My role isn't big, but at least I get to eat something while being on...

Yuria's Blog > babaabbabababooom

Posted 30 October 2007

It's been a long time since I've written in here, and I really just can't make up any titles for these entries ^_^ Well whatever.

A lot of really sad things have happened this month, but now I'm happy/pissed of :)
Happy Yuria = I'M GONNA SEE RESIDENT EVIL: EXTINCTION ON FRIDAY YEAAAAY!!! ^_^ And I eat candy again....

Yuria's Blog > candyy....

Posted 28 September 2007

So it's Friday, and I'm on a candy-diet, which I started on Monday. I HATE IT. Every day somebody in our class has candy, chocolate or something with them. If I continue this, I'll get money from mom, 2€ a week, but still IT'S PAINFUL because I frickin' love candy ^_^ I swear I'll stop this hell when it's Christmas, but...