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Folie à Plusieurs

18 April 2009 - 04:00 PM

Folie à Plusieurs means "Madness shared by many".

I'm thinking of having a collection called, Folie à Deux meaning "Madness shared by two".

Finally decided to make my own thread.

I'm not yet done, and i don't usually do this.
But Here's a preview for everyone to see my first story to be posted in this thread.

Folie à Deux I :The Shiny Stone

The bright sun blinded me as I ran as fast as I could.

"Wait for me!" I screamed, pushing myself forward with each small stride i take.

"I'll come back! I PROMISE!" was her last words, her face stained with tears that gave me a little hope until now..that she'll come back.

7 years later....

"Aika! Aika!" a voice was calling me, i tried ignoring it as i stared at the sky.

"Aika-chan~!" something sharp poked my arm, i flinch but didn't waver from my staring.

"Mou~ Aika-chan~!!!" the voice shouted, piercing and high.

Before i knew it, i was in detention with Koharu.

"Why did you have to be so noisy?" I frowned as i see the sunset from the my seat beside the window.

"Cause you won't listen to mee~!" Koharu, my annoying seatmate, who got us in trouble pouted.

"Cause, i know what you're gonna say is useless.." I sighed, looking at the slow ticking of the clock.

"Why are you so mean?" She poked my cheeks, with that small little frown in her lips.

I didn't answer her question, but continued to look at the second hand of clock, anticipating for it to tick one last time.

"Ne, you do know tha-" Yes, finally!

Away from Koharu and this boring classroom!!

"See you tomorrow Koha-chan~!" i grabbed my bags and ran to my bike.

As i rode my bike, i saw kids at the river playing,

"Oi! don't go there! you might slip!"the older one called out to the smaller kid.

"Onee-san! i want that shiny rock!" The younger stepped into the water pointing at the rock.

"Ok, ok. just stay there ok? Your Onee-san will get it." the older patted her younger sisters hair, slowly walking towards the shiny stone her sister wants.

I closed my eyes, as blurry images started appearing in my mind.

It was all a blur and fast, it was too bright.

"ah!" a sudden shriek broke me from my trance, i looked over at the siblings.

The younger slipped, luckily her onee-san was near enough to catch her from her fall.

"Didn't i tell you?! To stay there?! i did right?! why did you go after me!!?" she scolded her younger sister.

"But..I..." the younger could no longer continue for tears started flowing down her pink tinted cheeks.

"No,,no,, don't cry. Onee-san isnt mad at you..i was just worried.." she hushed her sister, kissing her forehead.

At an instant the younger stopped crying. And her tear stained face was replaced by a bright and happy one as she recieved her shiny stone.

It was cute, i started peddaling my bike once again, bringing me closer to home.


i wish that got everyone wanting for more.
feel free to comment.

Odo-licious~ This fic is for you~! :P

Ok, im kinda exhausted and cant right any longer. im off to bed.


Writers/Readers Unite~ :3

08 November 2008 - 10:02 AM

mehehe, so ....
this is a place to talk about other fanfics and stuff.
so you wont really spam all those threads, with not so important thingies about them.
and maybe requests and stuff..oh well..guess this helps less spamming or watever. :)


hearts grow

19 December 2006 - 11:30 AM

Hearts Grow
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Hearts Grow is a Japanese band from Motobu, Okinawa. Their first single Grow!! was released independently (in limited quantities) on 19 April 2006. Hearts Grow made their major label debut on 18 October 2006, with the release of their first single Road. Their second single Yura Yura (ユラユラ, Yura Yura?) was released in Japan on 6 December 2006. Yura Yura was also featured as the ninth opening song of anime series Naruto.

Band members
Name Katakana Instrument Birth date
Haruna ハルナ Vocal 27 October 1986
Chiaki チアキ Keyboards & Vocal 23 October 1986
Natsumi ナツミ Guitar 24 May 1986
Shintarō シンタロウ Guitar 15 February 1987
Yūsuke ユウスケ Bass 17 February 1988
Yūya ユウヤ Drums 26 January 1987

Posted Image


05 October 2006 - 11:32 AM

Whiteberry were a five-piece all-girl pop/rock band from Hokkaido, Japan. Although not reaching more than cult status outside of their native country (many American J-pop fans consider them to be a cross between punk pioneers The Ramones and R&B superstars TLC), the group gained a loyal following with their recordings and live performances.

The band - vocalist Yuki Maeda, guitarist Aya Inatsuki, bassist Yukari Hasegawa, keyboardist Rimi Mizusawa, and drummer Erika Kawamura - formed in 1994 while the members - all lifelong friends, while Maeda and Kawamura were also cousins - were in elementary school. A few years and a string of local performances later, the group came to the notice of members of popular Japanese rock band Judy and Mary and were offered a recording deal with Sony Japan's Pop Artist imprint in 1999.

The group, still in high school at the time, recorded and released their first EP After School, which they quickly followed up with several singles, all original material with the exception of their fourth, a cover of the Jitterin' Jinn hit "Natsumatsuri". The single became the band's most popular number and is now more identified with them than with the original group. Capitalizing on the momentum, the group completed and released their debut full-length album, "Hatsu".

After a fifth single, "Akubi" (a rearranged new recording of a song from their EP), the group divided their time between completing their high school education and working on the follow up album, "Chameleon". The record's release was preceded by three new singles, "Sakura Nakimichi", "Kakurenbo" (which was tied into the Japanese release of a Pokémon movie), and "Tachiiri Kinshi". The latter song, whose title translates to "Off Limits", raised quite a few eyebrows with its uncharacteristic aggressiveness and its music video which depicted the band in rugby uniforms, bumrushing a corporate boardroom and performing their song atop a conference table while businessmen looked on in horror.

"Chameleon" was released in January of 2002 and was complimented by reviewers as being a superior follow up to "Hatsu". Whiteberry featured some darker-themed songs on the album, a contrast from some of the overtly happy material they had done before.

After a short tour behind the album, the group began to finish their final year of high school, in the meantime releasing a trilogy of three singles in late 2002 that featured a cover version of a favorite classic J-Pop or J-Rock hit on the A-side and a new Whiteberry original on the B-side. The first of these, "Jitensha Dorobou", was accompanied by a fully-animated video.

Whiteberry spent most of 2003 off the road and out of the studio as their education took precedence, but were commissioned to record two songs for the soundtrack album to the TV series SE Gundam Wing. Both songs were released as a single in February of 2004; the A-side, "Shinjiru Chikara", featured lyrics written by all five group members stating how much they missed each other after the graduation of the band members from high school and the decision of some members to attend college. A week after the single was released, the group issued a statement announcing that after ten years together, they were amicably disbanding the group because of Aya, Yukari, Rimi, and Erika's college commitments. The group played tearful farewell shows in Tokyo and their native Hokkaido in late March of 2004. A posthumous anthology, "Kiseki", was released in May of 2002, and a DVD counterpart, "Videoberry Final", followed the month afterward. As of this writing, several of the members are already at work on other musical projects

Posted Image
Whiteberry in 2002. L to R: Rimi Mizusawa, Aya Inatsuki, Yuki Maeda, Erika Kawamura, Yukari Hasegawa

Anna Tsuchiya

04 October 2006 - 09:20 AM

ever heard of poeple?

she sang the first opening of NANA(the anime) for the band black stones as nana oosaki

she was born in Tokyo to a Russian-American father and Japanese mother.

Tsuchiya was scouted by Seventeen magazine at age 14 to start a modelling career. Her demand as a model grew, and by 2002 she was doing television ads for UNIQLO, Edwin, and KOSE products. Even though she got involved in other projects afterwards, she today still remains an in-demand model for magazines like Kera, Soup, Zipper, and other youth punk fashion magazines.

Spin Aqua

In late 2002, Tsuchiya joined with ex-Oblivion Dust member Kaz Iwaike to form Spin Aqua. The duo debuted in 2002 under Ki/oon Records and held a concert in December at the Tokyo Bay NHK Hall. They released three singles, one album, and a video collection, but didn't fare well commercially. They later slipped in hiatus before permanently disbanding in 2004, due to Tsuchiya's pregnancy and engagement to fellow model Joshua. On November 19, 2005, Anna's first child, Sky, was born. In early July, 2006, it was announced that Tsuchiya and Joshua were getting divorced.


Anna was quiet musically until 2005, when she announced plans to go solo for the first time. On August 24, 2005 she released her first independent mini-album, Taste My Beat under AVEX's sub-label, Mad Pray Records. She released a single called "SLAP THAT NAUGHTY BODY/MY FATE" on March 23, 2006. She also released her first remix album, Taste My xxxremixxxxxxx!!!!!!!! Beat Life! on the same day. Her third single, "Rose", (released June 28, 2006) was used as the opening theme from the NANA anime. "Rose" was her first single to reach a position in the Top 10 of the Oricon Charts and peaked at #6. On August 2, 2006, Tsuchiya released her first full-length album, "strip me?", which reached #11 position.

Anna made her acting debut in Novala Takemoto's adapted runaway hit Shimotsuma Monogatari (Kamikaze Girls) in 2004 as punk yankee Ichigo Shirayuri. Tsuchiya has also starred in Cha no Aji, and as the voice of Lindsay Lohan's character Maggie Peyton in the Japanese dub of Herbie: Fully Loaded.


* [2006.03.23] Taste My xxxremixxxxxxx!!!!!!!! Beat Life! (Remix album)
* [2006.08.02] strip me? [CD/CD+DVD]


* [2005.08.24] Taste My Beat


* [2006.01.25] Change your life
* [2006.06.28] rose

*from wikipedia.com*

WWAA!i love her!! :c16: :c16: :c16: ::D: ::D: ::D: :lol: :)