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Song for the DATE

03 June 2016 - 12:27 PM

Hi :D It's my first time here :) I wrote some before but not here.


Let me share this one. It's my first series.

Here goes the first chapter.



Chapter 1: The 26th!



“Happy Birthday! Please accept these flowers and gift I carefully picked for you…”


There was a short pause. He carefully choose his words because he wants it tonight.



It was definitely tonight.



“You’re legal now… you’re allowed to date from now, isn’t it?”


“Ah, Uuh—nn…” It was a short positive response. She didn’t expect it. Today, she just turned 26.


Legal? Allowed to date? Even teenagers are (emotionally) allowed to fall in love. At 26 years old, isn’t it late already?


“We’ve seen each other a couple of times. My sister would often invite you at home so you could teach her to cook. Every time the two of you prepares a meal it would always be me and our younger brother eating those...”


“Those were really delicious”



He smiled while still looking straight to the eyes of the girl in front of him. Later, she won’t be just a “girl” he had known for years. His sister’s friend whom he was watching from afar... for quite a long time now.



“I told you how I feel towards you. That feeling grew stronger by day.”




“Kyyaaahhhh!!!” A short distraction. One of the girls in attendance screamed.
Ohh, one of the women, I mean. They are no girls anymore. Most of them in their mid 20s and at the height of their respective careers.


Everyone was in the middle of the dinner hall. They were frolicking, chit chatting, laughing, enjoying when a guy carrying flowers and a gift box came and went straight to the birthday girl. Five minutes have passed since then. All ears to the guy who is in the middle of his confession.



“I understand your polite no to my date invitations. Even to dinners with the presence of my sister. You were an idol after all, bound to a love-ban contract. More than that, you know your responsibility and stayed faithful.”


He took a deep breath. His heart was pounding madly in his chest. He needed to calm it down... even just a little.


“I even asked my sister to cover up for us if you happen to accept and secretly date... Ah, Mizuki just hit me hard. I didn’t know she could get that violent protecting a Musume.” He adjusted his tone, joking a little to loosen things up. Still, he is serious… seriously in love to the 26-year old girl (woman) in front of him.


“Even when you turned me down, I still continued giving you flowers, gifts… love letters on your Birthday, Valentines, Christmas and in other opportunities I had. I never really got a reply but just a Thank You card every year-end. Giving up was not an option, I even cockily thought you’ll eventually fall for me and go on secret dates.” That was the longest he had held his breathing.



He then grasped her hands, which were still carrying the flowers and gift, looked down and continued.


“When you graduated from Morning Musume., I thought it was my chance… but I was wrong. They kept you in a love-ban contract and became busier with tours and camps. This time with Sayashi.”


He took another deep breath and looked at her.


“Good that it only disallowed you until your last day as a 25-year old. Aahhhh, I thought I’ll wait forever.”

He ruffled his hair with his right hand as he became a little more nervous, kept his left holding his love's fingers and stepped a little closer.



"Ayumi, for the past year we could only talk thru LINE and sometimes when you visit Mizuki at home. You never directly told me how you feel towards me. I just assumed."



At the last short pause, he cleared his mind and focused his gaze on her...





"I want to make everything formal tonight."






His hands found the sides of her face, cupped her cheeks, jaws and a little of her neck. And moved his face closer to hers...



...and they locked lips.




Chapter 2: Rock-Solid!



"I'M HOME!!!"



Ayumi was so excited that she even rang the doorbell thrice. Her brother, who opened the gate, was a little furious.


What made him irritated was the three long presses his sister made. He was in his room, in front of his laptop, trying to finish some work he brought home. It was 99% finished and he was about to make a quick run on everything to finalize when Ishida-chan RANG the doorbell.



"Yahh!!! Ayumi!!! What's wrong with you!!!" He scolded his younger sister as he opened the gate.


"I'm sorry."


"Oh!" Startled. He was surprised to find a different girl in front of him.

She was taller, more plump, better-shaped, with longer hair, sleepy eyes but wore glasses like Ayumi.



"Onii-san!" Ayumi blurted out and put a wild grin on her face as she (un)hid herself from Mizuki's back.


"I'm really sorry. I didn't mean to." He bowed his head and softly spoke to the lady while trying his best to not lose his temper over the overly excited Ayumi. He, then, warmly welcomed the girls and gestured them to enter. Still, trying to ignore his wildly grinning younger sister.




Everyone has entered the house. Ishi-papa and Ishi-mama accompanied them at inside to the living room. The siblings were still outside.

Ayumi was left at the gate still smiling. Her watery brown eyes, which have become smaller as she grins were fixed at her brother's face.
Big brother, who got a little angry, whose hands at his waist, took one, big, deep breath and looked at her calmly.

He moved closer to Ayumi, smiled and hugged his sister.



"Yah! Yah! Yah! Ayumiiii!!! So how's my spoiled little sister!?" The older Ishida asked as he tightly hugged Ayumi and ruffled her hair. He kept his eyes locked on her. His arms around her small frame.

He loves her so much. Yes, siblings do have a special bond but theirs are incomparable. They support each other on whatever direction they head into. It's a rock-solid brother-sister relationship.




Back when they were kids, he would always look after her.
His sister is playful and clumsy. She laughs a lot, smiles a lot.


They would play hide and seek and he would always be the seeker. Other times, he would tease her, run ahead and make her chase him.


"Ayumi, let's play!"


Onii-san! wait!


"Ayumi, this is how you write your name."


Onii-san! what is this? help me!!


"Ayumi, that's wrong, this is how you do it."


Onii-san! again, again, again!



They surely played a lot. Even now. But this time it's the other way around.

Ayumi would seek him -- seek his advice on everything she's curious about. Ayumi would tease him and would run ahead -- now he is chasing her, watching her from behind, and seeing her fulfill her dreams. Well, he's not far behind. It's just that, he is a normal guy, part of the society. Out of the limelight but equally successful as his idol-sister.


Ayumi, what do you think?


Onii-san! will I be alright?


Ayumi, do your best! I'm cheering for you!


Onii-san! Good luck on your presentation!


Ayumi, you did well! That dance was great!


Onii-san! Congratulations! You did it! YAY!!!



At present, both are young adults. Now, it is more of a give and take. Given his sister's love-ban contract, he would take him to dates and teach her how to act. He doesn't want his sister to grow ignorant of dating. Someday she'll stop being an idol. He doesn't want her to go reckless when it comes. Ayumi, in return, advices her brother on how to handle a woman. A woman, you read it right. Of course, she doesn't want her brother to go after many.


Ayumi, here take my hand.


Onii-san! I want to cling on you!


Ayumi, you don't say yes to everything.


Onii-san! I want something special!


Ayumi, choose the guy carefully. I won't forgive anyone who would make you cry.


Onii-san! hahaha, you're too timid! Loosen up a bit!



Ayumi is too frugal that she doesn't even spend a lot on clothes. Though idols are suppose to because of the nature of their work, she is just too stubborn and obsess on not spending money. That's why big brother would buy him clothes. Oh no! Maybe the reason why she's so unfashionable. Just blame big brother Ishida, then. It's rare for guys to know what's fashionable for women. In return, the younger Ishida would buy her brother souvenirs from wherever part of the world she goes. Her trips are not just about finding face panels, fitting her face/head and taking pictures. She has a brother, who she cares so much. It would be scandalous to show Ayumi buying something for a guy. Wotas are crazy though Ayumi is faithful.


Ayumi, what do you want?


Onii-san! what do you want!?


Ayumi, thank you!


Onii-san! Thank you!







It is, indeed, a rock-solid brother-sister relationship.





Ayumi broke the hug, patted her brother's untidy hair and smilingly said...


"Nii-chan, I'm hungry, feed me... OK!"



To which he only replied...



"Spoiled brat!"




*Your comments are welcome. Thank you in advance :)