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The new idol tracker is going public

02 July 2016 - 11:33 PM

Dear friends and idol lovers,

as promised a few weeks back we have been working on a new tracker especially dedicated to Japanese idols.
Now that the testing phase has been successful it is time to go public.

Due to some regretful circumstances we have not been able to integrate the old database after all.
It will be possible to do that at a later time but we do not know if or when that will happen.
But we feel that it is important to have a place solely for our little community and do not want to wait any longer.

I am sure you will find some bugs and have requests for improvements.
Feel free to give us your opinions in the forum on our site.
Just be patient about it as we all are normal people who have to work for a living and can't respond 24/7.

The (hopeful) arrival of hundreds of people will also put an untested stress on our site and server.
So bear with us in case of prolems resulting from this.
We are new to creating and running a tracker. But with everyone's help and enthusiasm we will be able to make this a success story!

We have tried to make the tracker feel as close to the old one as possible.
The most prominent new feature are freeleech torrents that count only towards you upload stats which will help users with slow connections.

We have also decided to make the site as camouflage as possible to the outside.
The main portal therefor is just a login site and the inside will not be approachable for search engines.

Now without further ado go ahead, register and feel at home at: