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Blu Cherri's Musings > My Idol Story - How I became the idol fan I am today. Part 1.

Posted 28 February 2014

So I suppose the first thing is well, where is the start of this story? I guess as early as I can.(so, the way my life lead up to me discovering idols)

I was introduced to anime pretty young due to having brothers that are roughly 10 years older than me, who watched some anime. The main one I remember is 'The Heroic Legend of Arislan Part 1 and 2' (now k...

Blu Cherri's Musings > Opening Entry

Posted 25 February 2014

So I often feel like I want to post things that feel kind of off-topic in the thread but could be interesting anyway. I tend to end up not posting those thoughts as trying to tie them back into the topic too much can be a pain and lose what I was originally trying to convey.

I drew a bad stick version of myself for the entry image uguu~ I finally braved...