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06 July 2015 - 04:30 AM

Justa quick note for anyone looking for the cheapest hotel available. Here's the link to the cheapest Capsule hotel I could find in Tokyo. $15 USD per night for one person.



I went with Airbnb and secured an apartment priced reasonably, so I won't be able to try out a capsule. Maybe next time :good:


And the best priced pocket Wifi I found was the one on CDJapan. Its not letting me link it so just google: "CDJapan pocket wifi"

Longer plans save you more money.

Pretty much if you have a recent smartphone, you should be able to find some settings on your phone that says "Wifi". If you turn it on, it searches for a Wifi network connection. If you rent a pocket wifi, pretty much that little device will transmit a Wifi signal which you can connect to with your phone. It's very easy. ^_^

In Topic: Japan 2015 Travel Thread

04 July 2015 - 05:36 AM

I will chime in on the AirBnb.com thing. I'm looking at several places in Tokyo as well for 2 months and there's several places thats like less than 20 US dollars a day. It depends on if you want a room all for yourself cuz that might cost more. I'm also browsing Hotels.com and theres several Capsule hotels for less than 20 USD a day too. The downside is that you would not get your own room and you would have to sleep in like an oversized container next to several people. I haven't decided yet so I can't state which one is better.


Da-manta-ray, what kind of extra fees does Airbnb charge? I've only seen 1 Airbnb service fee when browsing rooms. Are there any hidden fees I'm not aware of? I know some places require a security deposit and/or a cleaning fee. Is that what you're referring to?

In Topic: Japan 2015 Travel Thread

02 June 2015 - 01:12 AM

Thanks once again for all the input everyone. I think I will risk it and go for the resale at one of those resale tix shops. Im willing to spend plenty on one ticket if it means getting a great seat. It's my first time so I have to go all out :good: . I also already have my reservation for tickets to TIF 2015 so hopefully a H!P group performs there like Smileage did last year. Anyone know if @Jam Expo is the same process for tickets with the whole lottery thing? Would I be able to also get those tickets through the resale shops? Thanks!

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19 May 2015 - 05:42 AM

Wow. Thanks for the info everyone! I'm not too familiar with the Fan club lottery thing Xingwa. What's the difference between that and general ticket sales? Is it just better guaranteed seating?


Also, what exactly is the process for the single release events? I'm going to be in Tokyo from July 23-September 22 so I'm hoping to go to as many H!P related shows as financially possible. I definitely would like to go to a MM '15 or C-ute concert.

In Topic: Japan 2015 Travel Thread

17 May 2015 - 12:44 AM

Hey everyone. What's the process for purchasing H!P tickets? I'll be in Tokyo from the end of July to September and I really want to go to a few H!P concerts. I was eyeing the Nakano Sun Plaza events but my Japanese is somewhat limited so I don't understand much on the H!P website. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!