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In Topic: Iikubo Haruna (飯窪春菜)

27 May 2022 - 07:40 PM

Ahhh so gorgeous!! ♥

In Topic: Haga Akane (羽賀朱音)

24 May 2022 - 05:44 AM

Man! She looks great in those pictures, yet, there's something else. I was like "Why does she look like Miki?" lol

In Topic: Fukuda Kanon (福田花音)

23 May 2022 - 07:48 PM

After ZOC's final on 7/7, they will change their name to METAMUSE with an emphasis on "real image worship." A new single will be released in early July.



Ahhh I was lucky I saw this, or I wouldn't know why ZOC stopped doing music lol I mean, I know it's still a bit away, but basically, ZOC as we know it, will disappear? METAMUSE sounds ok, but ZOC is still my preferred name.

In Topic: [06/08]Morning Musume.'22 71st single Chu Chu Chu Bokura no Mirai/Dai ・ J...

20 May 2022 - 06:31 PM

So far, I prefer the Chu Chu song. The video for Dai Jinsei is nice, breezy, and I like it, but the song is not up to par. And it was true, Reina got a solo... again in the second part! >:( But thankfully Akane had a solo in the first part! ♥ Like all their songs in the last few years, this seems to be a grower, so I am expecting to go crazy for this one soon enough.

In Topic: Haga Akane (羽賀朱音)

19 May 2022 - 03:53 AM

Wow, are those extensions? Her hair, that long, makes her look even prettier!