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Speculations for 2023

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#1 Kumi-chan


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Posted 02 January 2023 - 02:43 PM

Let's do it this year too. 

Post your predictions and speculations for 2023 :)


Morning Musume:

-1 album then a single

-Mizuki’s final PB

-2 or 3 new members in summer



-No other grad this year beside Take, but someone announces grad for 2024

-1-2 new members at the end of the year



-No more grad PLEASE

-2 singles (hope)

-Someone is getting a PB


Tsubaki Factory:

-No more grad this year but more to come in 2024 I think

-1 single then an album

-Kiki’s final PB

-Someone is getting a PB (Marine or Yuumi???)



-2 singles (hope)

-No grad (hope)


Ocha Norma:

-1st album

-Someone is getting a PB



-Announcement later this year that the KSS Unit will debut in 2024.

-More KSS from the MM audition.



-Maa finally debuting solo (hope)

-Karin and Risa keep with regular releases. A single for Karin and an album for Risa.

-Don’t know what to expect for Manaka and Mai. 


K-A-T-T-U-N, K-A-T-T-U-N

Yes, we wish mata ashita mo yasashii hi ga noboru you ni~


#2 mashaki


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Posted 06 January 2023 - 01:26 PM

Morning Musume:

- There will be another grad announced but it won't be for this year

- 2 singles

- 3 new members

- Mizuki grad at Yokohama



- Since after TakeChan grad Ayano becomes leader and they're not gonna do the regular "next-in-line" hierarchy thing, Moe becomes subleader

- Audition near the end of the year


Juice = Juice:

- One single unfortunately

- Uemu announces grad for 2024

- We get a Riai/Ruru center song (dreamin')

- Maybe a theater collab with Beyooooonds



- 1 album



- 2 singles this year

- theater collab with Juice=Juice

- (something that will never happen at this point) the 3 subgroups release a single of their own


Ocha Norma:

- 1 single

- 1 album

- 1st hall concert tour announced for fall

- one of the girls become an Oha Suta girl


Kss Unit:

- is opening act for all the major concerts this year but they will get their own song slots in the winter/summer concert tours

- gets a digital single (idk if it will be a cover or not)

- they add 2/3 more members from the mm audition

- debut confirmed for spring 2024



- someone leaves (hopefully just one girl)

- mm audition brings in 5 girls to the kss

- mifu joins mm

- goto hana wins the recital this year



- Maa produces a song for someone (if not for herself)

- this one's really far fetched, but something special for berryz happens this year (aka risako appearing at one of the events)

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#3 RoseQuartz+Aina


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Posted 10 January 2023 - 08:24 PM

Following this announcement:



Hashida Honoka
Murakoshi Ayana
Uemura Hasumi
Kawashima Mifu

will join Miyamoto Karin 2023 LIVE

Japanese underground fansite speculated about Yulia and Karin.

Title: Yuriya Matsubara and Karin Onoda, the end of the training program? Promotion?


Fun or interesting comments:

9. If Matsubara and Onoda are promoted, it will be the death of Ken-UNI!
32. There is no way these two will stop.
43: I thought they were going to make a new group.
54: Congratulations on your promotion!
70: I'm sure it's related to school events.
100: There has never been a case where a person has been promoted to another group after being imprisoned in a unit, but we'll see what happens.

(translation by deepl)

Personnaly, i'm sure kenshuusei Unit '23 will form a new group, but it's funny to have a doubt here and there, because of an event
while we don't know all the details.

#4 sukibeam


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Posted 10 January 2023 - 09:31 PM

^ My wild speculation straight outta left-field? New Beyooooonds subunit or members from KSS Unit.


Yulia originally wanted to be a comedian, which fits the group's image. I don't know how much that desire has changed (probably a lot since she was like 9 at the time). What I do know is a lot of those Beyonds girls are in their early 20s and H!P seems reluctant to let groups die nowadays and lose all that delicious discography when older girls graduate. I also know H!P doesn't like to have a large roster of groups, and they already have 6 (8 if you count the Beyonds subunits individually).

#5 Verilian


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Posted 26 January 2023 - 06:28 PM


3-4 new members announced in the spring

A proper grad single for Mizuki in the summer

Ayumi's announced to graduate early 2024



More solo activities for Moe

One of the other girls will get solo activities too; my bets are Layla or Yuki at this point

An audition happens



Uemura graduation announcement

An audition happens


Tsubaki Factory:

2 singles this year

Kiki gets a very upbeat pop single at the end of the year

Yuumi is the new ace



Another stage play

Another commercial


Ocha Norma:

They get another gold certification for their next single

They get some sort of other push like commercial tie-in or stage play



Goto Hana debuts, probably in J=J, or Tsubaki as a surprise addition after Kiki's grad

Mifu debuts, probably in MM or Angerme

The KSS Unit announces an audition for additional members

They do another stageplay

Mizuki, Rio // Ayano, Yuki // Rei, Ichika // Riko, Mao, Marine, Runo // Rika, Momohime

♥ Karin, Sakura, Mifu

#6 Blackmallow


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Posted 10 February 2023 - 02:15 AM

I wish Kanatomo joins M-Line.

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