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WOW. I can't believe this forum is still around. I'm happy it still is

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#1 wildstarr


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Posted 01 January 2023 - 05:00 AM

You can click on my profile and see when I joined.  Unfortunately I haven't listened to MoMu or any H!P in a very long time.  Pretty much stopped after all my favorites graduated and as I started to listen more jrock and jmetal.

Now I'm going to look for my old threads I started for a trip down memory lane.  I already looked a bit in my Maki Goto thread.

After I posted I see a giant watermark on my Goto signature.  It wasn't there back in the day.  Not cool photobucket.

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#2 Unlimited_DJ


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Posted 02 January 2023 - 07:01 AM

Welcome back. I too left after C-ute graduated but returned to the fandom in 2022.

#3 Shinji


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Posted 02 January 2023 - 02:58 PM

Welcome back wildstarr :)  I did the same trip down memory lane when I returned in 2019, and I feel so nostalgic everytime I check this site.

#4 Saburo


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Posted 13 January 2023 - 03:25 AM

I pop in every so often, as well. I found this old site a nice respite during covid lockdowns. 

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#5 denadel


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Posted 16 February 2023 - 05:13 PM

Welcome back! Been here since 2005 myself, but haven't listened as much to stuff after 2012 but hang aorund for the old school stuff :)

www.hpoldschool.com (under construction)

#6 olavsu1


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Posted 20 March 2023 - 04:14 AM

Same  here.  The group that presented Aruiteru was the last one I knew. The account here was made at the peak of enthusiasm, after the record store recommended the torrent.

I had a web radio that ran from my own server. Now there is youtube and sometimes I watch old hits from there.

I come here once a year, maybe more often. By the way, part of the forum seems to have disappeared from here.



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Posted 18 May 2023 - 08:16 AM

I posted a ton waaaaaaaay back in 2008.  I was in my mid 20s then, now I'm in the later half of my 30s, hah. Loved this site and community.


I only wish Hello Project(or I guess Upfront or w/e they're called.) had been more forward thinking and kinder to their online fans and the changing times. Now you have vtuber "idols" that actually promote fan and clip channels.  

#8 Eilantha


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Posted 27 May 2023 - 02:28 PM

I also created my account around 2009 but I was a non-posting reader before that, I mean, this forum is the must for hello project fans. I'm also in the late half of my 30's but I still like to check news about MM from time to time...

But as a person who doesn't understand japanese, I think it is harder now because there are less and less translated videos... I guess a lot of us lost interest...? 

#9 kkitty



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Posted 28 May 2023 - 06:52 PM

I got into H!P fairly recently, before I listened to the 48G stuff. If there is stuff to translate, I can help but I'm no good with getting and uploading videos. It would be more transcript style.

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Kenshuusei (Mifu)
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Nogi 5ki (Ioki)
Saku 3ki (Murai Yu, Yamashita Shizuki)
=Love (Iori)
≒Joy (Aimi)
Takane no Nadeshiko (Momoko Saara)

#10 Eilantha


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Posted 29 May 2023 - 01:51 PM

That's nice of you but I was thinking more about big translations of backstage video, or for example, Extra content of oversea concerts (like Hong Kong, Taipei or Mexico...). I'm also no good for uploading videos! 

Anyway, thanks for your offer.

#11 chr0nik©



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Posted 03 July 2023 - 07:16 PM



This is the first time I've posted in around 13 years and I'm surprised it is still around but glad at the same time!

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#12 goratnik


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Posted 21 July 2023 - 04:45 PM

Checking myself if the ship is still sailing, so leaving this note as a sign I was there! Maybe even my blog exists, who knows, did not visit a lot since the forced exit of "A!O section".

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#13 mcbcagirl


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Posted 20 December 2023 - 02:46 AM

I don't come in as often either but it's always nice to randomly come in and see that the page is still around. Maybe I'll return to listening to h!p groups some day. I have to admit that I feel lost, though. I only know about half of the girls in Momusu now.

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