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ヲ嬢! Meeting Kurosaki Maon.

Posted by ✿ノAノ='ω') Shu!62%, 21 April 2012 · 1071 views

My friend, Machi-chan, wanted me to tell her about when I met Maon, my all time 2nd favourite idol. I thought I'd share it here too.

She was a GoH at AnimeExpo. So first there was the panel. I was in the 2nd row (technically 5th cause the first 3 were press. but 2nd row for normal people). I was just amazed by her. Her stories about why she joined Dear@Stage and her life before becoming an idol seriously brought tears to my eyes. When she told us about being a girl otaku who was alone everyday in her glasses, messy hair, and house coat and how she wanted to sing so bad but was too shy to. Then she found out about D@S starting up in akiba, so she got contacts and she gave herself bangs and she joined them, becoming one of their founding members. She told us that she'll never stop being an otaku and she'll never hide who she is just because she's an idol now. She told us how the saddest thing in the world is when someone hides their true self for the camera or for others and encouraged everyone to always be true to who they really are. It was all so moving and sweet.
At the end of the panel she got up and was waving at us all. I put my hands in the air, high over my head and made a heart. and she looked at me and made one right back. And I was dead. At the end of the panel, I lined up to see if I got a ticket through the raffle. I didn't, but there were 4 other people who came with me that would give me a ticket if they got one. Turns out, 3/4 got tickets. 1 guy kept his and my boyfriend gave his to my friend. My boyfriends friend gave me the ticket he got. As I was about to leave, Need More Buono, who went to the panel, stopped me and gave me a ticket for the 2nd session. I will forever be indebted to him. You'll find out why later.
I ran SOOOO fast to her autograph session. Well as fast as I could without getting in trouble. In the line, people were talking about the panel and how jealous they were at whoever go the heart. haha. Then she got there. I was one of the first in line. I bought a copy of H.O.T.D. & a pack of 3 pins and went up to her. She asked my name so she could put it on the autograph and when I told her she said "ahhh kawaii!". She finished signing the CD and then I asked if she would put hearts on one of the pins for me. She laughed a bit while doing so. She handed my items back to me and when I shook her hand I told her daisuki and she said "ah~ Atashi mo daisuki desu" (basically, "me too". It's something she said to everyone at AX. Either that or simply "thank you")
The next day was the 2nd signing and the concert. I rushed to the convention center...and I immediately broke down. She was sick :( and they cancelled the session and they weren't sure if she's perform her concert. I sat at a table for about 2 hours with my head lying on it, just sobbing. Didnt speak at all. I was so upset. Not even cause I didn't know if I'd see her. I didn't want her to miss her concert. It was her big international debut. She'd been so excited for it. I just couldn't believe that it might not happen for her.
Eventually I met my friends in the line for the concert. Still unsure if it'd happen, but I wanted to try anyway. Waited about an hour and half and then I heard it. She was inside the hall practicing. I tried to not cry again. I was so hopeful it would work out.
We got inside and I was right up front. I quickly ran back to the goods booth and got her singles, the visual book, and the bracelet they sold. Basically everything but the shirts, as I didn't have enough.
Then the concert. omg it was amazing. I never stopped cheering and waving my glowsticks(I still have them all. except one that flew out of my hands and hit a cameraman...^^;) After the concert, my friend helped me get a shirt from the booth. They only had XL of the one I wanted (even an S is big on me lol) but I got it anyway~ Then outside I was interviewed by people from AX. They said I looked the most excited from the concert and had me model the shirt, dubbing it my "Maon dress" because of the size. I felt honoured haha~
The next day was the rescheduled 2nd autograph session. Because she was ill, she wanted to make sure everyone in line got an autograph. She was there for over 3 hours. I got there late and I ran up to the staff. He told me the line wasn't open any more. I didn't wanna make a scene so I tried to hide my tears. I wandered around panicking.
That's I found out there was a 2nd line for people with autograph tickets from the day before. I ran over and asked the other staff member if I could use my ticket. I pulled it out of my wallet, he looked it over, and stepped aside motioning for me to get in line. I felt this huge wave of relief pour over me and I just collapsed to my knees and let out the last of my tears. The guy pat me on the head and laughed a bit.
I got in line and waited. Since it was a special line, it moved fast. I got to the front and overheard staff talking to Maon's producer. Since Maon was still sick, they would have her take breaks during the session. The staff member asked when she would have a break next. Maon's producer talked to Maon and Maon looked over in my direction while answering. Then I heard the staff member say, "Okay, so break after (then she pointed at me) her?". Turns out Maon said she wanted to wait till after I went before taking her break. :sob:
I got up there and she smiled at me and begun signing. Then she said (in japanese. ill just put english haha) "I saw you up front during the concert. It made me so happy to see you there." and I told her she did really well. Then she motioned to me (my hair, outfit, everything) and said "you look like a very pretty doll. just like a doll" and I said "oh no, you do!" (she really did!!) Then we went back and forth a bit saying "no you!". Then I called her cute and she said "ah~ you're cute!" and we did the back and forth thing again. Giggling. omg i was in heaven. I told her she is one of my most favourite singers. and that I'd support her always. She looked so touched I almost cried. She finished my autographs and I shook her hand, we used both our hand when we shook this time.
Then a while later, she was still doing signings, I was at a table with my group. my autographs finished drying and I put them in the cd cases. Then i noticed something. Both CDs had more written on them than my friends copies. And I completely went mad. One said "Mata aou ne" which means "Meet again soon!" And the other said "Daisuki!!". And I couldn't stop crying. (I'm a lot like JunJun with the crying) People must have thought I was insane!
I couldn't believe it!!! The entire con, if someone said daisuki, she just said "me too!" or "thank you!". during her concert she said it to everyone. But of all the people that convention, I was the only one to be told personally "daisuki". :wub:
A bit later, her signing STILL happening, I was in line for another signing next to hers. I was watching her and as one guy left her table she saw me, stood up in her chair and waved and smiled at me!! Some guy was waiting to go up to get an autograph but instead she was waving to me!! (Sorry, stranger!!) Then she was finishing up all the autographs. I got a group of wota together and when she was done, we all shouted "OJOU SAIKOU!!" (Ojou is her nickname/title of this entry) She smiled and thanked us. a few days later she talked about that moment in her blog, saying she was truly touched.
They packed all her things up and headed out. We all shouted to her and waved. And then she walked out of the convention center. The last thing I saw, was her silhouette surrounded by bright sunlight. It was so pretty but so sad.
I'll love her forever. I'll never forget anything from that weekend. ♥

here's the autographs
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It got scratched ; ;

Wow! Such an emotive entry ;_;

I've really enjoyed what I've just read. You told me everything but didn't hear the things about her childhood at the highschool... Poor Maon. I'm glad she has gotten what she really wanted. I am also so glad because you really enjoyed her visit! <3

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