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All results of foreign wota's H!P awards looooooooooooool

Posted by keaine, 03 January 2019 · 2114 views

I'm not trolling, this is the real title of the 2ch thread. So as I just wrote, it's the title of a 2ch thread, reacting to the results of our H!O General Election of the year 2018. http://hayabusa3.2ch...fee/1546487098/ It's not the only one, but it's the one with the most posts on it.

Beware of some things:
A. My translations are sometimes... lacking or just plain wrong, maybe because my level of Japanese isn't enough, or because I don't get the references
B. There's a lot of bitching, ok, let's say hate on it. I removed death threats for obvious reasons, but I didn't remove everything, so be prepared to rude messages.
C. Even with death threats removed, it's still hugely NSFW.
Oh, and many thanks to Fallacia who took the time to read my sometimes bizarre translations and try to correct them.
That being said, enjoy (or not)!


1. (results of the group vote and link to the spreadsheet)

2. (idol vote top 3)

3. Tsubaki fought so bravely.

4. (visuals vote top 3)

5. (dancer vote top 2)

6. (singer vote top 3)

7. (results of the newcomer vote)

8. These are the awards results?

9. (KSS vote top 3)

10. (song vote top 10)

11. (unrelated)

12. Isn't this just another popularity contest?

13. Foreigners know that much about KSS, that's gross lol

14. >9 Congrats Ruru!

15. 7th BEYOOOOONDS 0.0% (NEW)

16. Tsubaki are strong, heh? lol

17. It's good that they have a newcomer award...
I'd like to make a newcomer award.
Because it's difficult to rank, I'd understand not doing a song award as well

18. (best idol ranking 41-70)

19. (best idol ranking 3-40)

20. From which countries are these idiots?

21. >13 On a Spanish-language fansite, they wrote about KSS retiring. That surprised me lol

22. (idol vote top 3)

23. >9 Did foreigners really choose them?

24. They don't even go to events, they can't understand KSS...

25. Chel

26. Each year the same people are voting.
Should we thank them?

27. Tsubaki is strangely very high. Is there a reason?

28. That man with his reaction videos is also a KSS wota, you know?

29. The popularity of Tsubaki is the popularity of the songs.

30. Zukki's successor Yokoyan is super popular.

31. Musume fell off a cliff.

32. This whole ranking isn't credible loool
How could Satou gather so much?
Satou wota really are mad lol

33. The fact that Vinsu-kun's name came out immediately is amazing, isn't it?

34. >32 Soon after new year, you're being annoying.

35. I'm interested to know if Satou's popularity isn't only due to stealing Sayashi's wota...

36. Why is Yokoyan so popular?

37. So Yokoyan is really popular with foreigners...

38. >10 5th Sexy Sexy 217
I knew it was gonna rank high.
That's the type of sound foreigners like.

39. She looks like Zukki.

40. Frankly, I don't understand Yokoyan's popularity at all.
Has she got something that makes her stand out?

41. (that person is flooding afterwards, so I'm just gonna forget them)

43. It's good that Jiyuu and Vivid ranked high.

44. But Satou was already ranking high even when Sayashi was here.

46. >40 Zukki's smile made her popular with foreigners
Yokoyan's smile makes her popular with foreigners

49. We were already talking about foreigners at the time of your father

51. As expected, the Japanese version of the results is unfair to shit ANGERME

52. It's the smile.
Even if you can't communicate with words, you can understand a smile easily.

54. For Tsubaki, it's the songs that are popular.
They don't rank high on the oshi category (note: they're talking about the Japanese poll)

55. But Nonaka can communicate with them, and look at her position...

58. >2 Biggest rises from last year
+28 6th Inaba
+21 31st Onoda
+20 23rd Ogata (Risa)
+12 18th Haga
Biggest fall is Nonaka -12 15th
(note: this list is completely wrong)

60. There are so few votes...
This isn't popular with foreigners?
(note: T_T)

61. >55 It was to be expected, she didn't stand out compared to last year.

62. There'll be a Tsubaki performance overseas.

63. (flooding another post, ok, it's clearly a Omizu hater, I'm gonna forget all of its posts)

64. There's a bit of lag with foreigners, trends come a bit late compared to Japan.

65. >1 Seems that °C-ute's part has been shared.

66. Those who like Japanese idols are pure lolicons, so that's why they like Yokoyama

69. (unrelated)

72. Satou became 1st in 2015. (link to the topic)

73. >58 Nonaka relies on foreign popularity. Her drop isn't good...

75. +10 votes 1st is Satou with a commanding 42 votes, then Iikubo with 12 votes, Oda with 10 votes, Yokoyama Ishida with 6, Wada (Ayaka, though it's unclear also in the Japanese post) Fukumura 5

77. Maybe they can't distinguish Zukki and Yokoyama

78. >23 There are also foreigners at events

80. Oda, Takagi, Dambara
I agree with foreigners on this top 3.

82. >19 Wait? Kaga, what happened?

85. That's the foreign wota's meritocracy.
1st dancer is Manakan, 1st singer is Sakura
Unfortunately, foreign wota are attracted to ugliness with Satou as 1st (lol)
If they chose Manakan as 1st dancer and Sakura as 1st singer, they had no choice but to choose Wada as 1st visuals (lol)

87. >73 Makino dropped, you're not bragging, Makino wota?

88. As for Morning Musume supremacy, in the end, they just want to go to events and have fun chanting "oi, oi". We have the same simple basics.

89. Can we see below top 3?

91. This Zukki feeling from Yokoyan

93. >23 There are also a lot of Chinese and Korean people

98. Karin dropped again... She's not really popular with foreign wota... but that's the same thing every year.

99. >89 You can see everything in the Excel given by >1

101. Inside H!P, there's this culture of other groups trying to beat °C-ute and Anju in Japan.
Foreign wotas are judging groups and members impartially I feel.

104. Groups other than CG and MM don't have a kawaii gimmick
I told you that ANGERME would make too much "girls pop".

106. >98 I'm worried you're only focusing on Karin

109. Well, 12th gen has become sort of middle management now, they only add like + alpha to the group's freshness, these are today's times

111. Your madness surges out just after new year huh
go away, go away

113. >7 "to"
What is it? (note: when I announced the newcomer result, first place being tied, in the Japanese version, I wrote "Yamazaki Yuhane to Kiyono Momohime", thus the question, though don't take it seriously)

115. They're strict with members who don't stand out on videos...

117. >106 Say Karin wotas are shit while you're at it.

120. >117 I said you were shit.
Can't you even read between the lines you autist?

122. There are so few votes. (note: T_T)

126. The Ono anti, go to the Morito thread

129. So Maachan is invincible...

134. How are BEYOOOOONDS are gonna fare next year I wonder?

135. You're trying to destroy this topic, but you're making it top, so more people will come, you know?

136. >1 Are foreign wota only "majiressaa"? (note: "majiresu" is the term used when you respond to someone on a forum seriously, so they created the word "majiressaa" (read majiresser) as someone doing "majiresu")

137. I don't see anything wrong in foreign wotas' choices.
Though Iikubo and Yanamin ranked high because of their graduation urgency.

138. Kaga wotas are wrong.

139. (unrelated)

140. The degree of accuracy is that of an exit poll.

141. Tsubaki, do a foreign tour before a hall tour

142. These aren't real fans, they're watching/listening things illegally.

143. In reality, although they may be noisy, you could say that the reason there is no signs of life from wota at Angerme's touch events is the same reason they aren't popular with overseas wota that have never made contact with them, because Angerme have no popularity

144. Satou is also popular with foreigners...

145. (unrelated)

146. With Satou in 1st place, isn't this just a joke poll?

147. Whichever indicator you take, Tsubaki is 2nd.
Anju, who are pushed reallly hard, are sluggish
Can't we do anything about it? Let's correct that difference.

148. 4th time winning with foreigners also

149. (recall of the thread link and the spreadsheet link)

150. I feel like for foreigners too, ordinary people in the end see and hear Japanese people all the same.

151. Understand that Satou is popular worldwide, if you people have problem with it but you're just the noisy minority.

152. >151 Foreign wota also like making their own stuff.

153. >24 And then? That's fine.
Shindan tests and happyoukai are streamed on youtube, you can see it and be like "this kid is great!". I don't see any problem with it.

154. Satou is popular in Japan and overseas.
Oda and Kaga no so much
Wotas are transparent

155. Some people are already making troubles just after new year.

156. I don't understand how she can have this many votes. Her blog is also very popular.

157. No matter where or how you take it, Satou's supremacy never changes.

158. Country members rank relatively high compared to how the group's doing.

159. (same as >58)

160. >40 The death of her father.
You understand it if you watch films, but even if you dissed your parents, when one of them dies you sincerely apologies
That's the culture.

161. >146 She was also #1 in the Japanese poll lol (link to the Japanese poll comment thread)

162. >159 Makino wota lol

163. Foreign wota don't understand Satou's character well, there aren't even a lot of antis.

164. Are foreign wota decreasing in number? (note: I don't think so)

165. >159 In the end, Nonaka's English had the opposite effect huh?

166. >161 That's also a joke poll for Tsugunaga to be ranked #1 for however many years.

167. In Japan as overseas, Satou's image is that of someone with an extraordinary character
It's not just about the character, it has this "plus alpha" that makes her popular
(note: this "plus alpha" thing may be like... I dunno, "x factor"?)

168. The energy's completely gone to Tsubaki...

169. You may not want to recognise it but everything is prearranged performances, contents, works
Those who think like that won't be able to get out of that feeling with just themselves.

170. From overseas, Japanese idols are looked after because they're offering something different
Satou's popularity, Tsubaki's growth stretch
This sense of values doesn't change.

171. So Inaba's popular?

172. Nonaka's slump wouldn't be because when she speaks English, she looke like an idiot?

173. Yokoyama took +2 compared to last year, her ranking from last year had nothing to do with her father's death
But the +2 part may have something to do with it.

174. >166 How popular Momochi was??
You newbie don't understand anything...

175. It's because of "sweet pussy"
(note: a reference to Momochi's yurushite nyan probably)

176. >172 So boondocks
She has a manzai idol feeling
(note: the original post mentioned a specific manzai duo, but even I don't know them...)

177. The hippopotamus is 14th in best idol, sorry looooool
(note: referring to Fukumura, tbh I only knew when looking who was 14th in the idol ranking)

178. Iikubo Wada Inaba being at the top really are weak sympathy votes.

179. Though Tsubaki don't rank very high individually
I understood that as a group, they have a good shape, and the good songs give a good synergy.

180. (as if there wasn't enough bitching, here comes the H!P hater Akimoto lover)

181. (a death threat)

182. That 10 people vote with sympathy, well it's just natural to see it as a celebration, isn't it?

183. >10 We like the H!P produced by Takui
We like the H!P members produced by Takui
We like the songs produced by Takui

184. I'd like to know the full "Best Singer" ranking

185. Well, foreign wotas can't understand Rikoriko's soaking eroticism.

186. >184 1>'s Excel has everything.
(note: well technically, it's a Google sheets, but, oh well)

187. I've completely ignored Musume after 9th gen.
When I heard the new songs for the first time at a harocon
I was going to switch to smartphone time as I couldn't bear with it.
I only acknowledged Satou
She may skillful but I didn't hear her sing
Maybe she's good at dancing
Actually I don't anything about her skills
For some reason, I understood why Satou's style was popular

188. (full singer result)

189. Why is Yokoyama so popular?

190. Dunno
Ask foreign wotas

191. Nakajima Takui is H!P's messiah lool
Do you want more Takui? Hmm?? Well, we... won't give him to you! looool
(note: ???)

192. >183 It's just you.

193. I wonder why some people are saying 'It's fake!' or 'It's a joke ranking!' so desperately.

194. Takui's songs have proved to be irresistible with other groups.
This anti-Takui influence head is strange.

195. Say something, Country wota

196. >5 >6 This I agree.

197. Chii doesn't appear in the dance result.
Ikuta being 6th is unexpected lol

198. Zukki was the most popular before, now it's Satou,
ie Satou has been decided as ugly

199. Nonaka made enemies with Satou wota
Wota who pick up fights are nasty

200. I agree with Kishimoto being high among Tsubaki, I like foreigners

201. >188 Is this the "ugly" category?

202. Maachan is in a miracle level, she's become beyong reach.

203. It's not a fight, rather retard Satou teasing Nonaka

204. At the moment, there's noone able to surpass Satou

205. Rather I don't understand Kishimon's unpopularity in Japan.

206. >19 Manakan wow

207. well, Kishimon isn't really girly
plus she doesn't flatter wota for good or bad I think

208. she's not just gigantic, she's also beautiful and good at singing

209. seems like Maachan is 1+ (note: is this person talking about earthquakes? in which case 1+ isn't very strong)

210. In Japan as overseas, she almost has double the score of the 2nd

211. Need.

212. >205 Because she looks like a chimpanzee with girl clothes

213. (idol vote rankings for JJ)

214. Have some pity for Saitou
(note: sic)

215. >213 old members are overwhelmingly unpopular

216. >198 Zukki never was 1st in H!O's ranking
She didn't even enter top 10.

217. Foreign wota have the language barrier, so they don't need extra information
They like just based on MVs and concerts videos
Though I don't understand Yokoyama and Yanagawa's popularity

218. >210 Japanese and the world love Satou so much lol

219. >198 Makino wota, serves you right!

220. (idol vote rankings for KF and TF)

221. Doesn't Miyazaki have a emergency graduation boost?

222. As for Yokoyama it's simple
She's the type of girl when if you can't discuss with her
Without words it's just about the face

223. (photos to past and present winners)
1st are only uglies lol

224. (>11 so is also unrelated)

225. Yokoyan is the type of girl you'll have a high chance of seeing immediately on TV
She's the type you can understand easily

226. Satou Maachan lol

227. >223 In Japan as overseas, Makino wotas are vexing from this utter defeat
(Makino was 9th in the Japanese poll, and 10th in ours)

228. If you see Makino, you see that skills are important for an idol I think.

229. Satou "Masa doesn't understand, where to see, I want to know my grades..."
Kudou "that's how it is"
Yokoyama "If you didn't know you'd be in trouble"
Oda "It's natural you want to know"
Satou "but, that I don't know, IQ, Masa's IQ I wanna know, if it's 5 what do I do?"
Kudou "in a sense, you'd be on the Guinness Book"
Oda "if it were 5, you wouldn't be able to remember songs and dances, so it has to be more than 5"
Maachan lol

230. (unrelated bunch of photos)

231. >19 Akanechin's 18th place has been fought bravely

232. "I tried to analyse why Maria is unpopular" (it's a thread)

233. >19 Ikuta is terrible

234. Satou Masaki's 16 first places
Oshimen ranking (4 in a row)
2018 Harofes singing contest fan poll wil
BD event popularity 1st
Kobetsu selling 1st (individual handshakes)
Goods sellings 1st
Pinpozu market prices 1st
Photobook number of type of goods 1st
Blog popularity 1st
Twitter profiles popularity 1st
Number of times appearing on trends 1st
Most searches on Google among H!P memnbers 1st
Popularity among other idols 1st
Number of views of the au H!P phones videos 1st
tiny tiny views 1st
Only one to sell out HPAS kobetsu

235. (same as >58)

236. >1 Celebrities who have Satou as oshi
Sashihara Rino (HKT48)
Watanabe Mayu (AKB48)
Matsuoka Mayu (actress)
Itou Sairi (actress)
Sasaki Ayaka (Momoiro Clover Z)
Hirota Aika (Shiritsu Ebish Chuugaku)
Itou Chiyuri (Team Syachihoko)
Iwatate Saho (AKB48)
Kouno Saki (NMB48)
Kitazawa Saki (AKB48)
Itou Raira (HKT48)
Fuchigami Mai (HKT48)
LinLin (BiSH)
Hoshino Nyaa (Mousou Calibration)
Tsuzuki Rika (SKE48)
Inoue Hiruna (Hakoiri Musume)
Okutsu Mariri (Philosophy no dance)
Yoshida Kaede (A-class prisoner)
Mimu (Woltanative)
Murayama Yuiri (AKB48)
Honma Hinata (NGT48)
Watanabe Miria (Nogizaka46)
Ooguro Yuzuki (Team Syachihoko)
Machida Honoka (Last Idol 2nd gen)
Kizaki Chisato (Last Idol 2nd gen under)
Suzuki Haruka (LaLuce)
Fukagawa Maiko (HKT48)
Yokoyama Yui (AKB48)
Hori Shion (NMB48)
Kodama Serika (Momoiro Kakumei)

237. >1 Seems that ANGERME's become less popular than Juice=Juice overseas

238. >2 As expected of an ace

239. Nonaka not even appearing on the song category, it seems that wotas have spoken
so Nonaka, what can you do?

240. (link to the spreadsheet)

241. Ugly pig Fukumura 8th is shabby lol

242. >6 That these three are designated as divas, you don't hear H!P, you hear Dreams Come True
Foreigners as Japanese don't understand anything.

243. >29 It's been like this since last year.

244. Kobushi is lower than Country...

245. >219 From new year, you Taniyan are in high spirits

246. >225 Of course you'll see the names you hear often
At first glance, she gives this presence of cuteness and smiling grin (note: nikoniko).

247. I'm thinking about it every time but Miyamoto is so low
She's not a popular character with foreigners it seems.

248. It's because she has this vice of a strong face.

249. >2 >4 chanMaa is too strong lol invincible lol, what a commanding lead

250. >19 Bussarin isn't popular...
(note: Bussarin seems to be one Karin character, I don't know more)

251. >55 (mmm the original is too NSFW) you wouldn't want to touch that place where you give life

252. >225 A time when I was watching TV with non-harowota
They first impressions were that Morito and Yokoyama were cute
But after watching, DVDs, LVs and other TV shows, they said that Morito was cutest.

253. >247 Sayashi was surprisingly unpopular also.

254. (death threat)

255. The reason of Miyamoto and Fukumura's unpopularity
They sound fake

256. >19 Kaga wota don't think her ranking's unfair

257. It's impressive how Japanese and foreign fans seem to agree on Satou being on top.

258. (unrelated)

259. 4 in row is impressive

260. In Japan as overseas, ANGERME is 4th.
If Country and Kobushi don't solve their problems, they're going to end last

261. I can't believe Yokoyama, Iikubo and Yanagawa received this much sympathy votes
What happened last year?

262. There are so few votes lol (note: T__T)

263. (unrelated)

Thanks for the translations
they dont like yokoyan huh thanks for your translation!
Wow, this was really interesting. Thanks. I do feel motivated to study the erotism that rikoriko is soaked in tho. I need to do some homework...

I'm late but I hadn't seen this before... lmao, I kinda want to read the death threats just to laugh about it.


And everytime I keep thinking: well, not every foreign H!P fan votes in these polls, if that makes them feel better about their faves being "unpopular".