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Can we talk about negative things about the fandom?

Posted by dafack, 17 November 2019 · 2876 views

hello project morning musume angerme juice=juice
I'm come from a latin fandom of H!P and for all this years i was really really fan for the girls.
But, there are some things at i really don't like it about this ''fandom'' (specifically latin masculine fandom)
They are always over sexualizating the girls.
I mean we supossing to be fans... protect them and bring love to them in ''a fan way''
Even i know some extremely hard japanese fans they don't want to see idols in the s*xual way
It's this just something happened in latin american fandom or this happened in other countrys too?

I started to believe at they are more fans about their bodys more than the IDOL

can we say they are wotas?
or something else?

People, they are someone sayings gross things about Maa-chan (like they have a s*x tape about her)

Can we report the fb page?

Because they are not only talking gross things about Maa-chan, it's like they have a ... mmh

''se**ual thing'' with all the girls of h!p

the name page is : The Amazing World Of Shinitas y Algo +  (facebook)

please, we need to stop this negative things 

Oh yes, your belief is not false. Things like that can happen in any countries. Unfortunately, we cannot change what others perceive about H!P idols. However, I think we can suppress explicitly disgusting behaviors, just like dafack said, by reporting those people.


yes! i totally agree this fandom also seems to hate Morning Musume lol

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