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H!P, UFP, and related artists on Spotify

Posted by cjkuma, 18 November 2018 · 1378 views

Thought I'd make a list of artists that you can find on Spotify in case anyone didn't know that there was a few options on there! I wasn't sure if I should just make this a general thread or a blog post that I keep updated, so for now it's just this.

If I've missed anything, please let me know!


Morning Musume - Are you happy? and A Gonna are both on there, but with audio lifted from the Youtube videos by some unknown source. I also hear that the 13th album is available for some regions.


Kikkawa You - All discography available.

Up Up Girls (Kari) - All discography available.

Up Up Girls 2 - Zenbu Seishun!/Angel Enjite 20 Nen available.


Tamura Meimi (graduated ANGERME member) - All discography available.

ONEPIXCEL (ex-kss Tanabe Nanami) - All discography available.

Nov 19 2018 02:02 PM
Yes, the 13th Morning Musume album is available for some regions (e.g. Germany). There is also a 2018 version of Ai no Tane available.

There's also Juice=Juice with a bad live recording of "Fiesta! Fiesta!".

Please read www.hello-online.org/index.php?/topic/26458-please-do-not-purchase-from-mm-germany/ for some more details.

For Morning Musume there should only be the 13th album on Spotify.