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06-Jun 2018
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Hello!Online Poll
AKB Who will become AKB48's new center?
  Watanabe Mayu
  Oshima Yuko
  Yokoyama Yui
  Sashihara Rino
  Kashiwagi Yuki
  Other (please specify)
 Submitted by: Tony Miyawaki
Total Votes: 4757    Comments: (71)
User Comments
 2012-04-01 10:06
Kashiwagi all the way (although Oshima is pretty awesome herself)
 2012-04-01 22:44
Nattsun!! :D

But really, for a while Yuko or Yukirin, in a longer run Yui or Paruru (imo)
 2012-04-02 16:47
Kashiwagi & Oshima
 2012-04-02 16:48
and Shinoda
 2012-04-02 22:23
Other: Takamina. (I wish!) I'm hoping for a new face to slowly work up the ranks.
 2012-04-03 04:19
Don't forget the question was who do you think will be, not who do you want to be. I would like to see Yuko, but I think it will be Mayuyu.
 2012-04-05 06:20
I would like to see Mayuyu, but i think it will be Yuko.
 2012-04-05 11:17
I guess Yuko will win as expected.Who finishes second is of most interest to me.My choice is Mayuyu for second.I like Mariko,but she like Acchan is busy with many outside activities.

In my ideal world I would place Takamina as number one,She is the center for the girls and speaks for the group.She deserves it.And could you imagine the genuine tears!
 2012-04-05 17:49
Oshima's my favourite but she's not an ideal centre as she tends to overshadow the other girls with her strong personality.

Jurina's already so overworked but if she can stay healthy she has a shot.

A new face would be interesting.
 2012-04-05 17:53
I think Yuko, even though I really can't think of anyone who would be a center in place of Acchan.
 2012-04-05 18:03
Hmm, only 8.2% for Yukirin? Not much for 3rd place in the last elections and possible winner this year. Personally I think she's going to win.
 2012-04-05 18:37
Probably Yuko or Yukirin...but I WANT it to be Yui, so I voted for her even though it seems unlikely haha
 2012-04-07 11:46
I voted Mayuyu.... mainly out of hope and love lol....

Like Erin. I'd like to see someone new come along and surprise us all...

Btw, I love Takamina too, No Sleeves got me into idols in the first place ^_^

But hey, i actually think it's going to be a case of Yuko presiding for a while, with Yukirin and Mayuyu in support, while the new characters get established and us funs see who we like (and the management see who they want to push next).
 2012-04-08 04:29
Shinoda Mariko...and come on, that would rock :P
 2012-04-11 23:06
My guess would be Sasshi even though she barely made top 10 last elections, mostly because:

--Acchan gone means a need for a new Team A center, and Sasshi's the most likely to fill it
--A's team image (at least in my headcanon) is "popularity"--as opposed to K's image of "cool" and B's image of "cute"--so it makes sense that Team A's center be the center for all of AKB as well
--She's already getting a solo single, and she's in one of the more popular subgroups, Not Yet
--Like Acchan, there isn't much of a danger in her overshadowing anyone in lives

She's also the youngest member (outside of Mayuyu) in top 10, and I don't see Mayuyu getting the push this time around (although she's a strong contender for new center in a year or two).

Whatever the case, I really don't see any of the remaining Kami7 being pushed, mostly because of the combination of age and roles/line dist. that've been set in stone for awhile. Would be glad to be proven wrong, though.

(Also, it was wishful thinking, but I totally voted for Yui too :D.)

 2012-04-13 16:10
I Choose Paruru (Haruka Shimazaki) For me she's suitable one
 2012-04-15 05:13
Mika Komori!!!
 Kate B
 2012-04-15 23:39
WAIT WAIT Minami Takahashi isn't one of the options? She's not graduating, is she? o_O She is my favorite ever ever. (of AKB, that is, of course. JunLin/Eri all the way, otherwise)
 2012-04-17 11:07
I would love it to be Mariko since it doesn't look like she plans to leave any time soon. XD Ue kara Mariko showed that even though she's a strong, beautiful personality, she doesn't overshadow when she's centering and can bring out the best in the senbatsu girls.

It looks like they're pushing for Mayuyu though. But it should be Yuihan as she has that Maeda effect of tying the group together and not overshadowing who she's with. So I voted Yui. :D
 2012-04-18 08:26
I think Oshima will be :D Though I love Mayuyu more :D
 2012-04-20 21:42
And people said, I'm the only one who thinks it will be Mayu. =_=
 2012-04-21 03:58
I think it might be Mayuyu if her prominent roll in the new "Manatsu No Sounds Good" PV is any hint (combined with her drama and solo singing). I'm also wondering if they are preparing Jurina to be the next center after that - that's the only reason I can think for her 'transfer' to AKB.
 2012-04-21 12:10
 2012-04-24 15:41
I think it'll either be Yuko or a newbie (though all my hopes are on Takamina...). Aki-P likes to troll, so I think Mayuyu is out, that would' ve been so obvious XD
 2012-04-26 15:08
Kusumi Koharu
 2012-04-26 18:21
I think it will be Paruru.
 2012-04-26 20:52
 Eririn Mikan
 2012-04-27 09:39
Matsui rena or probably Akarin~ from SKE
 Nana ♥
 2012-04-30 23:40
Mayuyu. Period.
 2012-05-03 00:11
I don't care!
 2012-05-10 14:10
 2012-05-13 10:28
i think it's gonna be yuko...but it's all back to Aki P...

 2012-05-26 21:57
i want it to be yuko.....although i dont know she fits to be the center just because she tends to fool around a lot...XD
 2012-05-28 03:51
Obviously it's gonna be Nachu.
 2012-05-28 20:10
^ Now that would be totally awesome xD
 2012-06-02 12:41
Yuko, definitely. She's the best! Other than that, I'd want Mayu. :)
 2012-06-02 22:32
I'd be ecstatic if Mayuyu got to be center, but I have a feeling it will be Yuko.
 2012-06-11 20:25
It is kind of charming that (excluding "other" and everything between Sasshi and Yui) the "rankings" from this poll are actually in the same order as the election this year, ha.
 2012-06-18 20:20
Guess we can rule out Sasshi now.
 2012-06-18 21:16
Guess we can rule out Sasshi now.
 2012-07-12 18:11
yuki kashiwagi will definitely be next lider of akb48, she's the best, good looking, nice smile, envious body, shes's perfect
 2012-07-13 03:26
definitely oshima. she's so talented!
 2012-08-05 13:31
 2012-09-04 04:36
Hahaha!!! Paruru wouldn't be center because she's still "new" hahaha!!!
It's likely that it will be Oshima, since she's 2nd... Although... Mayu Watanabe could be an option because in Manatsuno Sounds Good, she was one of those "main guys" lolol
 Kate B
 2012-09-27 01:51
I wish Tomochin would be in the top 4 again. She's my new fav.
 2012-10-04 02:02
of coursely my oshimen..
watanabe mayu..
 Eririn Mikan
 2012-10-28 04:27
obviously one of the SKE member ! lets say, Kuumin ?
 2012-11-02 06:15
HTK's anna :P
 2012-12-05 15:40
where is Jurina?
 2012-12-08 19:46
think Oshima Yuko will be centerfor now, but with preps for when she graduates (hope thats years away though). when she graduates it'll be watanabe Mayu and Matsui Jurina in a double center like situation, which with the present number of members is not unthinkable
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