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KuteKim's Blog > Sweet & Eri's Graduation

Posted 04 September 2010

I know I haven't updated my blog since Christmas, but after I got Sweet I couldn't believe how much I've started loving Eri.. she used to be fourth in my rankings, and somehow she quickly became my favorite idol ever. Although, even though she's ranked higher than Reina, I'll always be a fangirl of both....

KuteKim's Blog > Gift, Pairings, and SayuEri Love

Posted 30 December 2009

I finally got my Christmas gift from my brother. You know what I got? A Chinami Tokunaga phone strap! It's amazing, my first H!P item. It's sort of upsetting that the very first item I recieved was of someone who isn't exactly my favorite. I mean, Chinami is cute and all, but I don't really pay attention to her. I don't blame my...

KuteKim's Blog > The Day After Christmas

Posted 26 December 2009

It's now the 26th, and the holiday is over. Ending holidays is sad, especially if it's Christmas. This year was definitely not as fun as past years. I only received a Hello Kitty winter set(scarf, gloves, hat), a Hello Kitty bracelet, $50, a watch, and a shirt. I still am getting a present, but it hasn't come yet. I wonder what my brother...

KuteKim's Blog > 2010

Posted 02 January 2006

So, how has 2010 been treating you guys so far? Of course, it's only been a day, but who cares?

Mine was..okay. It wasn't exciting, but it wasn't boring either. I'm glad 2009 is over, it was the worst year of my life, but it really doesn't change anything. It's just a new year, it's not like my life will be any better....