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♥~Kim's Graphics and OPV's l Currently Accepting Requests~♥

24 February 2010 - 05:40 AM

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My name is Kimberly and I'm a major perfectionist. I'm a fangirl of Eri, Reina, and KameShige.

They're my life & mean everything to me, so if you ever insult them cute Kimmi will turn evil. I'm also a fan of SNSD and AKB48. I make icons, signatures, banners, rankings, and backgrounds. I'm currently learning how to make GIFS.





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♥All comments are respected, but please don't be rude to both myself and others

♥Respect all members of H!P

♥Be patient - I have a life whether you think so or not

♥If you choose to order, please be specific

♥Only accepting one to four orders (per individual) to avoid confusion

♥Please use graphics for at least a week.

♥If you aren't pleased with your request or need something added on to it, feel free to tell me so I can remake it.

♥Feel free to request graphic(s) of artists outside of H!P

When requesting, please link pictures to the order. (high-quality pictures work best)

♥More rules may be added if needed

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{Favorite OPV's I've made thus far}

Kamei Eri - My Wish {Story}

GAM - Come on Get Higher {Story}

Sugaya Risako - Innocence

ReiKa - I'd Rather Be in Love

KameShige - Awake

TakaGaki - Sukoshi ii Kara

KameShige - Can You Hear Me

TanaKame - Rain Fall Down

Takahashi Ai - Over My Head

Rokkies - You're Beautiful

Kamei Eri - Everything

KameShige - When You're Gone (Valentines Day)

ReiKa - My Life Would Suck Without You

♥~ KameShige Valentine OPV ~♥ [...made for each other]

Fanfics By KuteKim~ ♥ Home of KameShige & TakaGaki

05 January 2010 - 08:21 AM

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{Credit to CROWN.佐久alice for my amazing header}

Table of Contents

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Chapter 1 (on this post)
Chapter 2
(Ch. 3) Q&W (Questions and Wonders)
(Ch. 4) Power of Music
(Ch. 5) Who is She?
(Ch. 6) Missing a Piece of Myself..
(Ch. 7) True Feelings
(Ch. 8) What is Love?
(Ch. 9) Love is more than just a word..
(Ch. 10) Love is Miles Away
(Ch. 11) Love Spell
(Ch. 12) Love is Sticky
(Ch.13) Memories
(Ch. 14) Caught in Love
(Ch. 15 p1) Lies
(Ch. 15 p2) Love is Like a Volcano
(Ch. 16) Tears of Realization
(OPV) Finale Trailer
(Ch. 17) Sweet Joy of Love
(Ch. 18) Confessions from a Writer
(Ch.19) Chances are too Underestimated
(Ch.20) Love at Its Fullest
(Ch.21) Innocent Love
(Ch. 22) The Truth
(Ch. 23) Final Confessions
[Finale] (Ch.24) Fallen into Risa

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(Ch. 1) Dreams
(Ch. 2) A Treasuring Moment
(Ch. 3) Mistake or Not?
(Ch. 4) A Gentleness Called Love
(Ch. 5) Tears in the Darkness
(Ch. 6) Curiosity
(Ch. 7) No Wonder They Call it "Crush."
(Ch. 8) A Gift
(Ch. 9) From the Best to the Worst
(Ch. 10) Unforgettable
(Ch. 11) Used
(Ch. 12) The Note
(Ch. 13) Unbelieveable
(Ch. 14) Mixed Emotions
(Ch. 15) Questions without Curiosity
(Ch. 16) Honesty or Regret?
(Ch. 17) Truths vs Lies
(Ch. 18) A Bump in the Ride
(Ch. 19) Second Thoughts
(Ch. 20) Another Round
(Ch. 21) Repeat
(Ch. 22) Silence
(Ch. 23) Questioning
(Ch. 24) Love at Last Sight
(Ch. 25) A Pathway
(Ch. 26) All I Really Need is You

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{banner made by S-N-I-P-E-R}
---On Hiatus---
Chapter 1
Chapter 2

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{banner made by S-N-I-P-E-R}
Chapter One
Chapter Two {The Invitation to the Truth}
Chapter Three {Expect the Least Expected}
Chapter Four {A Shining Light}

MM Love Triangle
[b]Chapter 1

-Eri's POV-
We were all having lunch break after the photoshoot. As usual, it was Ai, Gaki, Sayu, and I eating together. I watched silently as Aika jumped around in Reina's arms. It seemed like only yesterday Reina was mine..
"Eri! Are you going to eat that?" Sayu asked me all of a sudden. She was talking about the chocolate kiss Gaki had given me a few minutes ago. I looked away from Reina, knowing that I wasn't interested in her anymore.

"Hehe, of course I will. It was given to me by you-know-who." I smiled at Gaki, who grinned. Unexpectantly, I looked into her eyes.. Her beautiful brown eyes were like treasures. Gaki giggled..boy, did I love her gi-

"Erm, I'm going to go..I have to practice my poses.." Ai stood up quickly, took her bento with her, and walked away as quickly as she could. We didn't even have a change to say a simple bye to her. I looked back at Gaki and smiled sheeplishly. Suddenly came JunJun who took Sayu away.

"I'll see you later, Sayu."I slowly smiled up at her, as I watched JunJun pull her away...but she didn't respond. Was she mad at me? What did I do wrong..? I watched as Gaki throw her lunch away, and stood up to throw my own away, when she reached for my bento. For some odd reason, her gentle touch made me blush. I quickly turned away and pretended to look at the scenary again. A few seconds later, I felt her wrap her arm around mine and she rested her head on my shoulder.
"What are you waiting for? Lets go!"
"G-Go..Go where?"I asked nervously.
"Somewhere silly." Gaki giggled, and I felt myself get trapped into another spell..of love.