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Name: Zack
Favorite H!P Groups: Country Musume, GAM, Taiyo to Ciscomoon, v-u-den, Melon Kinenbi, W. (In That Order).
Favorite H!P Members: Miuna, Erika Miyoshi, Asami, Miki Fujimoto, Risa Niigaki.

Favorite Music Genre: Metal, with Swing in a close second.

I'm an avid sports lover, and a health freak. Most of my free time is spent playing/watching some type of sport. Football(American), Basketball, Hockey, Tennis, Baseball, and Soccer I all enjoy the most. It's safe to say that Gatas Brilhantes H.P. was one of the things that sold me on H!P.

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My Top H!P members in order. I was bored, and found a H!P Ranker(just google "Hello! Project Ranker" if you're bored, I'm sure you could find it), and these came out as my results. I think it's pretty accurate. I'm only going to post my Top 30, and only say something about the Top 10, anything beyond that might be a waste in my opinion. Anyways, here were my results:

1. Fujimoto Miki - Easy choice for me, she's like the total package in my opinion. Incredible vocalist(very powerful voice), very attractive, and I like her personality a lot. It's very refreshing to see her, she's like the anti-idol idol; while most idols thrive on being cutesy and innocent, she's very straight forward and honest. I love her singles, I love GAM, and I loved her in Country Musume, this was just an easy choice for number 1.

2. Miuna - Okay, let me first start off by saying that overall Country Musume is my favorite group under the H!P banner, which automatically bumps Miuna up a lot. But, she's incredibly underrated, and often forgetten about altogether. Her vocals are great(check out Country Musume concerts if you don't believe me), she's actually very humorous, and she was a beast in Gatas haha. It seems like she has some type of "underground" fandom to her.

3. Miyoshi Erika - Alright, gorgeous woman, plain and simple. Biyuuden is probably my second overall favorite, so of course Erika will be near the top of my list too. But, her voice stood out to me the most in Biyuuden. Not only her singing voice, but her talking voice is very pleasent to me for some reason too, not sure why. Anyways, I like her vocals, I like her personality, she deserves to be top 5 no doubt.

4. Niigaki Risa - What is wrong with Morning Musume? Are they not hearing Risa's voice clearly? She is easily the second best vocalist in Morning Musume right now, and is much more deserving of lines than anyone else. I just don't get how Reina can get the lines that Risa deserves haha. She's a very underrated vocalist, she's easily the best looking Momusu right now(sexy as opposed to cute), and her personality is infectious.

5. Goto Maki - I always liked how later in her H!P career she basically became the sex symbol of H!P, I mean there is really no denying it, just watch some of her singles and live performances. I always just felt she gave H!P a different edge. On top of that, she was my favorite center of Morning Musume after she joined. In a way, I was glad someone was able to push Nacchi out of the way at least temporarily haha. Not to mention, her voice is great, and Suki Sugite Baka Mitai is my favorite one shot shuffle song, and I like most of her singles.

6. Konno Asami - Konkon used to be my favorite Morning Musume member, but she has dropped down a little over the last year. Mainly because she isn't that great of a vocalist. However, I still think she's probably the most interesting character Morning Musume has had. I like her smarts, I like that she's athletic, and I like that she's hard working. Other than that, I honestly can't say what it is that draws me to her, but I always find myself rooting for her for some reason.

7. Yoshizawa Hitomi - Yossie can just never fail to make you laugh, plain and simple. She is just so likable, it's crazy. She is the best comic value Hello! Morning ever had, and she was a good leader too I think. Although the fourth gen is arguably the weakest vocally of Morning Musume, Yossie's voice was probably the best(or close with Tsuji's). On top of all that, the fact that she was the captain of Gatas Brilhantes was a huge plus for me, and she made some good songs with Ongaku Gatas.

8. Matsuura Aya - I'll admit, Ayaya has grown a lot on me recently. I used to not be a big fan of her when she was younger, but now that she has matured a lot of things have changed. I'm really not a fan of many of her H!P singles, but there are a few keepers. But, she's just such a great vocalist it's hard not to have her top 10. In my opinion, she's the second best vocalist H!P has ever had(next to Fujimoto Miki). Though, I'm sure a lot rank her higher vocally. Again, GAM is a huge boost since I loved GAM, and DEF.DIVA.

9. Honda RuRu - This might be suprising to a lot of people that she's in my top 10, or any top 10 for that matter. Heck, I'm sure a lot of you are wondering who the hell she even is haha. Well, Taiyo to Ciscomoon is one of my all-time favorite H!P groups, and RuRu is clearly the best singer in the group. In fact, I think behind Ayaya and Mikitty she's the next best vocalist of H!P. Seriously, if you're bored check out some 1999-2000 Taiyo to Ciscomoon stuff, you won't be dissapointed by RuRu.

10. Iida Kaori - My favorite leader of Morning Musume, ever. I just always thought she was the best leader, during the Golden Age and all, how can anyone argue against that? Her vocals were underrated, and she pretty much always got stuck in backup roles singing, but I really loved her in Tanpopo and I love her solo career. I've always loved her spacy character too, I'm just a sucker for it. Every time I see it, it just makes me laugh. Johnson never failed to dissapoint, and she always had great moments on Utaban too. She's moved around a bit, but she's always in my top 10.

11. Okada Yui

12. Yasuda Kei

13. Ayaka

14. Asami

15. Shibata Ayumi

16. Takahashi Ai

17. Toda Rinne

18. Tsuji Nozomi

19. Ishikawa Rika

20. Murata Megumi

21. Kamei Eri

22. Nakazawa Yuko

23. Mika Todd

24. Ishiguro Aya

25. Ichii Sayaka

26. Yaguchi Mari

27. Saito Hitomi

28. Ohtani Masae

29. Kago Ai

30. Satoda Mai

I know, my tastes aren't ordinary compared to a lot of other fans here. But, I can't help but like what I like.

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