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In Topic: What Is an Wota?

02 December 2009 - 10:34 AM

I think wota is very similar to otaku.

overly buying merchandise,knowing so deep about what they're into as such that normal ppl would say"wow,how'd you know that much?",knows that him/her-self is an otaku/wota.
for example,gundam otakus can name every model number of each robot that appeared on his/her fav series,know all/almost all the characters,owns a lot of gundam plastic models.("a lot" here is still subjective,depending on your own otaku-ness)
while H!P wotas can name every/almost/mostly every H!P members,owns a lot of merchandise,go to H!P concerts frequently.

pls note that is only my opinion.i've never met an wota,i only saw wotagei on tv & youtube.

now i need help from some of you who are open minded and won't give an insulting/bad answer.(sorry if i sound rude/stuck-up here,my english has been getting worse these days since i seldom use it.i mean this in a polite way,and i'd be grateful for those who'd understand. :D )

- I like(not love)MM
- i have many H!M & MM related videos in my computer(i won't tell how many exactly)
- i know full names of every MM members(including graduates)
- i read/look around H!O forums almost once a day
- i would buy some MM merchandise if i have the money when i go to their concert
(i've only been able to go once,and didn't buy anything,though i did wanted to buy Ai-chan's towel)
- if i saw MM/graduates on TV/youtube,i would watch it,nevertheless if it's a show i didn't know
- i don't do wotagei(IMO,u don't have to do wotagei to be an wota)
when i 1st saw wotagei,it made me feel a bit awkward,but then i can sense/feel that they're not bad ppl.
- i wanna meet Ai-chan personally,face2face.

so...my question is:"Can i be considered as an wota?" :D
and if it's 'yes',can you tell me how to stop being one?

*somebody in H!O(i don't remember who,and i don't really wanna remember who) called me a wota once,though i myself don't think i'm an wota,i think i'm just a normal fan.but since i'm now living in japan,where wota has a negative image,it made me wonder if my friends would consider me a wota,coz i don't want that.and that's why i need help n building opinions. XD

P.S.sorry if this is off-topic,if it should be deleted/edited/moved/whatever,pls do so.i'm not very good at forums.thx. <3

In Topic: Is Kouhaku Uta Gassen in the cards for Morning Musume this year?

23 November 2009 - 11:44 AM


Seems they won't be attending.

upsetting...and I thought the America gig would get NHK's eyes back on MM. XD
IMO, instead of
, MM performing SYO would be a lot better... :sob:
Or,could NHK be scared of wotas filling the studio..? XD
in any case,this would be another bad news for MM members...I hope they don't feel too down about this.
I mean,after 10 years straight in,now it's 2 years straight out.. XD

In Topic: Anyone get teased for liking Morning Musume?

15 November 2009 - 06:25 AM

I'm a guy studying in a school in Japan, and my Japanese friends here mostly hate / consider the current Momusu as weaklings in the music world.most of them only know Momusu when it's still around Gomaki's time.and they only know one song: 'Love Machine' :lol:

One opinion i heard was that they think that Momusu was just plain lucky and didn't have to work hard to get to the top,because they had Tsunku to back them up. :P

One other thing that I was very annoyed about was when one of my friends, who is CRAZY with Perfume,says that Ai-chan looks like an おばはん(old lady). :lol: he even said that Momusu sucks and should get

and now,every time i listen to Momusu or watch a PV or a TV program with Momusu members / graduates in it,they would tease me by saying things like "you're into that kind of stuff?" or "You're a wota?" or "Sorry,but I just plain hate momusu." or they just plain stare at me with a weird face.

what's so wrong with liking a female artist group??I like their songs,I like the members(though not all,to be frank), isn't it the same as liking a solo female artist like Utada Hikaru?Liking the song & the artist,it's not wrong,is it?

Now,whenever i wanna watch something H!P related,i gotta wait until I'm alone and my friends don't bother me. XD

In Topic: Funny Youtube Videos

15 October 2009 - 11:49 AM

WTH i just realized the link was to the wrong video... :D

yeah,i meant to give the link to yaranaika.sorry,my bad my bad. XD

here's the right link: http://www.youtube.c...feature=related

In Topic: Funny Youtube Videos

14 October 2009 - 10:06 AM


guess i should've added: *only for koharu-haters who understand Japanese...sorry for the confusion,and i mean no offense.if you don't understand it,you probably shouldn't watch it.

P.S.sorry if my english is bad. :D