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Jpop Items (CDs, LE CDs, First Press CDs, English Manga)

30 December 2009 - 08:12 PM

Getting rid of some CDs and other items I dont really have room for anymore.

Some groups I dont really have interest in anymore or I have doubles of CDs.

-Please PM if Interested
-I can hold items, just let me know how long
-I'm Shipping from the US but I will ship anywhere
-Shipping prices will be based on the weight of the item and where you are located.
-Prices are listed for each item, I am willing to hear offers as well.
-Prices are listed in Japanese yen
-Payment via paypal

-CDs are all opened but unused.
-H!P/NEWS photos have been kept in photo albums

Kireny's shop

02 May 2009 - 11:13 PM

I accpet Paypal, Concealed Cash (if in the US and at buyers own risk)
Prices dont include shipping, will be based on where you live
I will ship worldwide
Prices are in USD
price negotiable if buying a couple items
ebay feedback page

If interested PM me, thank you for looking

Posted Image
Cross Clover - Evergreen Single $5USD
Utada - Exoudus Album $10USD
Tanpopo - Be Happy TRADED
Tanpopo - Kiss wo Shimashita Single $5USD
Ayumi Hamasaki - BEST 2 -Black- $20USD (Brand New, opened to look at)

Kireny's H!P/JPOP shop

23 July 2008 - 02:45 AM

So I have items that need good homes.
All Photocards and Trading cards were kept in an Album, in perfect condition. All CDs are in great condition, were only opened to burn onto my computer since I bought them when I was studying abroad and forget I already had them.

-List price is in US dollars
-I'll ship internationally
-I'd perfer PayPal but I'd be willing to discuss other methods.
-Total price will be List Price +Shipping+ a Packing fee (to mail the items; only like 1.00, CD mailers-2.00.)
-Willing to put things on hold.
-I'm shipping from PA, United States
-ask about items your intereseted in and i'll give you the total price.
-I have no problem holding items for people.

Since I need to get rid of these items fast, if you want to make an offer about something, I wouldn't mind discussing anything.

-CDs: $3.00 each; $5.00 for two and $8.00 for all 3.
-Trading Cards:
--Photocards count as two trading cards
--1-10 trading cards, shipping is $1.50
--11-20 trading cards, shipping is $3.00
--21+ trading cards, shipping is $4.50