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Welcome to my profile.

Been a H!P fan for 4 years now, AKB for 3 years, Buono!, No3b and Watarirouka
fan since they debut.
I'm 17 years old and live in London.

I started becoming a fan of H!P through Buono! 2007 was the year I started watching
all my fav Anime from when I was young then when Shugo Chara first aired in October I fell
in love the opening and ending song, and guess so sang it? who? who? Buono! and from there
shortly after the release Egao YES! Nude I became a MM fan then Berryz then C-ute.

In 2008 shortly after the release of Oogoe Diamond I suddenly fell in love with AKB48
Also, because of Erepyon as well for her main roles in both Higurashi no naku koro ni live action films
From her I found out about AKB48. There is something about AKB48 that I love.

My AKB Top 5
Nacchan Miichan Suuchan Rabutan Mayuyu

My ***48 favs
Nacchan (B ) KanaKana (S) Sayamina (N)

My H!P favs
JunJun Eripon Momoko Yuuka Chisato

Why I love KY?

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With JunJun (my fav member in Momusu) now graduated I didn't know whether I should still continue supporting Momusu or just continue following S/mileage and Buono! During the 9th gen auditions the only 3 that I was rooting for were Ikuta Erina, Sayashi Riho and Otsuka Aina. But I was pretty much ignoring Aina and KY for Riho. When they announced the winners at the H!P winter concert 2011 I was really excited but sad that Aina didn't go through (months later she ends up being a H!P egg). I continued to ignore KY for Riho which I indeed was silly to do because I liked Riho for the wrong reasons I knew straight away she was the front girl of Momusu alongside Aichan and Reina. But then after a while I lost interest in Riho because she IS the front girl of Momusu and everyone was hyping up her popularity which I didn't like. KY is just absolutely amazing and I feel dumb and sad that I ignored her. Before she was in Momusu, KY was a model and just looking at the pictures you can see how great she is at modelling. I love KY as much as I love JunJun. I was happy and shocked that she is an AKB fan and just seeing her reaction where she was at the handshake event you can tell how excited and happy she was to finally see them. I want to have those same feelings when I see KY. People use to call KY awkward, I don't really call her awkward more just shy since she is in a new environment or should I say idol environment where it's not really the same as modelling. It's hard to explain how much I love KY. My dream is to make KY know that I am her fan and to finally meet her (please UFA make MM come to the UK) also to have a 2 shot with her. Every time I see KY I smile, she makes me happy.
I love you KY Ikuta.

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KY kei wai
→ 空気読めない kūki yomenai, "can't read his/her air", meaning an indecipherable or mysterious person.
Or cannot read the atmosphere

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