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Embarrass Story

01 February 2012 - 09:54 AM

i looked back at previous threads and found no "embarrassing story" threads. but if there are, i apologize. ^^;

we all have an embarrassing moment in our lives, so here you can share one, or as many stories as you like. i'll start with a few of my own stories.

during a youth group gathering at church, we were meeting our new youth group leader for the first time. he was introducing himself, telling us a little about his hobbies and whatnot. well, there just happened to be a pause in the conversation, annnnnd i farted. XD everyone turned their heads and stared, but i tried playing it off like it wasn't me. luckily, the new youth group leader continued on, so then everyone turned their attention back to him. probably one of the most embarrassing moments, ever. XD another time, also during church, we had a christmas party/outing. first, we played some game where we were teamed up with a partner. i was asked a question, and if i got it wrong, i was pied in the face. of course, i got the answer wrong, and my partner threw a pie in my face. it wasn't so bad really, but after the game, we loaded up into a bus and went to the zoo, and then ice skating. i had to go to both places with whipped cream in my hair, that eventually turned sour and started to smell. they really should've switched the events, zoo and ice skating first, pie-in-face-game, second. ><

Japan Earthquake

01 January 2012 - 10:13 AM

i just read that japan had a 6.8 magnitude earthquake. from what i've read it was pretty far out, and away from tokyo. here's the article:

"TOKYO (AP) – A strong earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of 7.0 struck under the sea several hundred miles south of Japan on Sunday, shaking buildings in the capital, but officials said there was no danger of a tsunami.

The quake struck near the uninhabited island of Torishima in the Pacific Ocean, 370 miles south of Tokyo, and its epicenter was about 230 miles below the sea, the Meterological Agency said.
The agency said there was no danger of a tsunami.
Buildings in the Tokyo area shook but there were no immediate reports of damage or injuries. Express trains in northern and central Japan were suspended temporarily for safety checks but later resumed.
No abnormalities were reported at power plants in the region, including the crippled nuclear power plant hit by the March earthquake and tsunami, public broadcaster NHK reported.
Northeastern Japan was devastated by a massive earthquake and tsunami on March 11 that left nearly 20,000 people dead or missing. Japan, which lies along the Pacific "Ring of Fire," is one of the world's most seismically active countries."

not a good start to the new year. XD

Stop Online Piracy Act. what's it all about?

16 December 2011 - 09:40 AM


i just found out about this tonight. apparently, the US congress is wanting to pass a law to censor certain things on the internet. i don't know a whole lot yet, but i'm looking around to get as much information as possible. one thing i did read, if this passes, streaming sites will be no longer, and anyone who uses them COULD be convicted of a felony. what scares me the most, are the numerous h!p videos, clips, and whatnot, that could be taken down, and stuff we may miss in the future. what are everyone's thoughts on this?

Glasseyelashes' short stories.

21 June 2009 - 08:13 AM

I had an idea for a short fanfic, or maybe it'll be a long one, I'm not sure yet. I'm completely winging the story. I have no real plan for it yet.


I watch you sitting across from me in the crowded lunch room, giggling and cooing with him. I dare not to say the relationship he has with you. It makes me ill just thinking about it. Sometimes I imagine that it's you and I, not you and him. I've known you my entire life. We grew up together. You knew everything about me, and I knew everything about you. There was just one thing I could never tell you. I love you. I've loved you for as long as I can remember. At first I was scared. I had these feelings for my best friend, that I knew I shouldn't have. So I hid them. I kept them away, never to see the light of day again. That is, until today. I'm going to tell you. I need to. I feel like I'm about to burst at the seams, I've held this in for so long. I love you Ai Takahashi.


"Geez, Risa, take a picture. What's the matter? Are you jealous?" Ai said.

My mind was far from jealousy of any sort.... well sorta. I was just slightly upset. That should be me, not him, with her. I could make her so happy. Who am I kidding? Myself? Yes, I'm jealous. I'm starting to turn a slight hue of green because of it.

"Yup, that's it. You got me. I'm jealous." I said sarcastically. I was ravenous when lunch came, but the moment I saw the two of them together, I'd lost my will to eat.

"You gonna eat that?" Ai's boyfriend asked. His name was Danny. That's what set him apart from the rest, his American sounding name.

"All yours." I pushed over my tray, and watched him shovel down the slop, our school called "lunch". God, it was disgusting. Danny ate it like he hadn't eaten in weeks. All Ai did was giggle, and watch lovingly as her Neanderthal boyfriend practically used his hands to get every last morsel of food that was left. Just what does that girl see in him? I'll never know.

"Are we still on for after school? Shopping? You and I?" I asked. It's next to impossible to get any sort of time with Ai, since she'd been spending every waking hour with Danny. I literally had to schedule a shopping date with her weeks in advance.

"Sure, yeah! Can Da-" I already knew what she was about to ask, and kicked her under the table.

"Uh, o-ok. Yeah, can't wait" She nodded.

Good. This is perfect. I can sit her down, and finally confess everything to her. All of it. Sure, she'll probably hate me for the rest of her life, but it has to be done. I can't live like this forever.

I took a small sip of my soda, and felt a pair of hands snake around my shoulders.

"Hey you." It was my girlfriend Eri. She sat next to me, planting a kiss on my cheek. I didn't even feel the tingle it once left, anymore. I used her for my own selfish reasons. To help rid my mind of Ai.

"Hey yourself." I smiled. I glanced over toward Ai, but she hadn't been paying attention. Her neck was now receiving the attention of Danny's lips. This is a cafeteria. People just don't do things like that here. I was absolutely repulsed. Both at Ai, and her horndog of a boyfriend.

"Get a room." I scoffed. "C'mon, Eri, let's go" I didn't even say goodbye, and grabbed Eri's hand as we left the two lovebirds alone to do, goodness knows what to each other. I didn't even want to think about it. It kills me every time.

"Where are we going?" Eri asked.

"Anywhere but there" I said, as I looked back toward the cafeteria.

"It's nice outside, let's go out on the campus!" Eri perked up, and she was now pulling my hand to walk faster. Her demeanor was contagious, and I couldn't help but smile.

"I'll race you there!" And I took off with a sprint. I got an early start, but Eri was quick at my heals. She wasn't on the track and field team for nothing. I was soon beaten, and breathless. "What are you? Some sort of superhumanly fast girl?"

"I am, but I'll let you win at something else later." She giggled.

I cocked an eyebrow."Is that right?" I grabbed her by the waist, pulling her into an embrace. She gave a brief, but passionate kiss, before pulling away.

"Let's go while we still have time left." And lead me through the front doors. We were greeted by a blindingly bright sun. It felt good on my skin. The news said rain and storms were on tap for this afternoon, but I didn't see a cloud in the sky. Ha! weathermen! Not always right, are we? A few students had the same idea and sat in small groups around the numerous trees that were scattered about on the lawn. Our school campus was comparable to many of the major Universities around the nation. It was something to be quite proud of.

Eri and I found our usual spot in front of a large fountain situated in the middle of the campus. Every now and then, I could feel a slight spray from the water rising and falling in a most beautiful way. It was quite nice, and cooling. We never talked, just sat in enjoyed the afternoon. My mind drifted, and it was Ai that I saw sitting next to me, resting her head on my shoulder. I smiled at that thought. Eri took notice and turned to look at me.

"What's so funny?"


"You're smiling."

"Am I? I didn't even notice"

Eri frowned, and then pouted.

"You're not even gonna let me in on the joke?"

"It's nothing, Eri. Just something I was thinking about. That's all."

"I bet I know what it is. You're thinking of what to get me for my birthday. I can read your mind. I can tell."

If only you could. You'd be crushed.

Eri's birthday was Sunday. It's the first time we'll be celebrating anything like this since we decided to start dating. I'd never had a girlfriend, so I wasn't even sure of what do to. I asked my parents, and they told me just to get her a card, and a small gift. Gee, thanks. I wanted to do something bigger, and better. She may not be the love of my life, but I want her to at least have a good birthday. It's her 18th. Something tells me though, that it won't go as planned. We shall see.


The bell rang, signalling the second half of the day, and usually the longest. Eri and I walked in together, joining the growing crowd of students all making their ways to their lockers. I kissed Eri on the cheek, and we parted ways. "See you after school!" She yelled, but it got lost in the mix of laughing, and scattered voices.

I can't see you today, Eri. I have more important things to do.

Ai's locker was right next to mine. It was perfect. I walked up, opening mine, and taking out my next set of books. This was a rare site, Ai alone. No clingy ass boyfriend this time. I took a moment to glance sideways. Ai was putting on a coat of pink tinted gloss. Those lips. They were so perfect. I yearned to taste them. I could watch her all day, if she'd let me.

"Earth to Risa! What's with all the staring lately? Do I have a giant zit or something?"

If you only knew, Ai.

"Sorry." Was all I could say.

"You're so strange sometimes." She laughed, and punched me in the shoulder. "I'll see you after school."

"You got it." I smiled. I love you. I wanted to add.

I sat through the rest my classes, thinking only one thing, and that was what I was going to say to her. I had it planned out for weeks now. I wanted it to be perfect. The butterflies in my stomach started getting restless. I was nervous. I tried calming myself. I still had several more hours to go.


School ended for the day, and I weaved my way through the sea of students. I ran my fingers through my hair, and straightened my shirt. I stood at the entry way, waiting for Ai, when Eri came walking up beside me. "Where were you? I thought we were gonna meet by your locker." I vaguely remember saying anything remotely close to that, but lied to cover it up. "I thought we'd meet here instead." Eri bought it and smiled, her features lighting up.

"Waiting for someone?"

"Aichan, and I are going shopping today."

"Remember that it's someone's birthday this Sunday." She hinted, poking me on the side.

"How can I forget. That someone has been reminding me for the last two months."

Eri smiled sheepishly, nodding.

I scanned the crowd, and spotted Ai, alone again. Strange. She smiled as she walked toward me. My heart stopped, and everything happened in slow motion. All the faces blurred, and hers was the only one in focus. My body tingled at the sight of her. I wanted to run to her and kiss her and never stop. She was absolutely breathtakingly gorgeous.

"Why are you blushing? It's only Ai." I felt Eri's eyes boring right into me.

"I'm not blushing! It's just hot." I knew she wouldn't buy it. I didn't care.

"Hey, Aichan. Ready?" I said, as I came face to face with an angel.

"Yup, let's go." She smiled. I loved that smile. Eri leaned over, and kissed me on the lips. There was something off about the kiss, but I ignored it. "Bye Risa." There was a finality in her voice. I almost felt bad. Almost. I hooked my arm and lead her away. She looked back. "Sorry! Bye Eri!" We made it to the bike racks, and I took my bike out. I didn't need it, because Ai drove. We set the bike in her trunk, and set off for some much needed shopping. I was lucky enough to con my parents out of a nice chunk of change before I left this morning. Being an only child has its perks sometimes.

"Where to first?" I asked.

"Let's get something to eat. I'm in the mood for something sweet." She drove us to a nearby pastry, and coffee shop, called "Sweet and Coffee". It was a place she knew well, but I'd never been to. We walked in, and the smells of roasting coffee beans filled my nostrils. It was such and intoxicating smell. I was in heaven, and I hadn't even ordered yet.

"You gotta try the tarts. They're amazing!" Ai gushed.

We made our way to the display case. All the desserts were mini works of art. They looked too perfect to eat. We settled on two cherry tarts, and two chai lattes. I insisted on paying, and wouldn't take 'no' for an answer.

We found a table outside, underneath the awning. A nice breeze tousled a few strands of Ai's hair. I took the small fork, and proceeded to take my first bite, and found myself entranced by Ai once again. I watched her face light up as she brought the small bite up to her lips.

"Again with the staring! What's with you today?"

I shook my head to clear my, now, "interesting" thoughts.

"Nothing. Let's just eat." I sat forward, and tucked into my cherry tart. She was right, it was amazing. I quickly finished, and wished I'd gotten two. I stole a few glances, and saw that Ai was savoring each and every bite. I loved the way her jaw clenched at every bite. It was mesmerizing to watch. I waited in silence, for her to finish. She placed the fork on the plate, took one last sip of her chai latte, and sat up.

"Ok, let's go."


We managed to stop at every store we could find, and soon, our arms were laden with numerous bags. Some small, some big. On my mind was the fresh memory of stepping into Aichan's dressing room, to help her with a zipper. My hands shook, and I struggled with the small metal flap. I grazed my finger over her bare back, feeling the silky smooth skin. It was a moment forever etched into my brain.

"I think we bought everything they had!" Ai laughed. She was looking over her purchases, already planning her many, many outfits she'll be wearing. In the distance, a slow rumble of thunder interrupted her thoughts.

"We better get to my car. I do not want to get wet."

We were a good 4 blocks away, and the clouds were fast approaching. Guess the weathermen were right after all. I suddenly felt a small drop falling from the sky. It won't be long now. We picked up the pace, but mother nature beat us. We were soon running, and desperate for shelter.

"Hurry! Risa! I see where we can go!" She pointed to a grocery store across the street. We'd go there, and wait out the storm. The streets were slick with the mix of oil and water, making it as slick as a sheet of ice. Ai was the first to cross; she didn't want to wait for the light. Out of the corner of my eye, I spot a car. Ai was too focused to notice. She wanted to get out of the rain as soon as possible.

"Aichan! wait! There's a car coming!" My voice was drowned out by the sudden boom of thunder overhead. I jumped, and flinched. It took no longer to open my eyes, and I saw Ai, being thrown off the hood of the car. Her head hitting the pavement with a sickening thud. Everything happened in an instant, and I had no time to react. I stood frozen. My brain kickstarted itself, and it all became clear again.

"Aichan! No!"


14 May 2009 - 03:55 AM

I've been inspired to write this by the awesome La'aKea. she had the dream that gave me the idea of writing this short story. I dedicate this to her.

It all started in the year 2003. I was already an established member of Morning Musume, having been in the popular idol group for 3 years now. Three new members joined. Sayumi Michishige, Reina Tanaka, and Eri Kamei. The moment I set eyes on them, one in particular stood out to me. She was the quietest, and most shy of the trio, yet she had a piercing gaze that would leave you breathless. I'd often find myself watching her. Even the smallest of things were fascinating to me. When it came time for the sixth generation to have their nationwide debut, all three girls were nervous beyond comprehension. I truly sympathized with them. It seemed just like yesterday when it was my own.

Ten minutes before the start, a very frightened Eri walked slowly down the long hallway. I watched as she clutched herself tightly, and her head cast downward. I wanted nothing more than to hug her and tell her everything would be ok. I prepared myself to do just that. I stepped slightly into Eri's view, hoping she'd notice, and then she looked up, tears gently streaming down her tanned skin. I smiled warmly as I started toward her.

"Aichan, could you help me with this?" Risa Niigaki's voice came from behind our shared dressing room door. The moment was lost as Eri passed. I noticed Sayumi run along side her, wrapping her arms around her. I couldn't help but feel jealous. That should've been me. I sigh as I aid Risa in whatever it is she needed.

"What is now, Risa." I was annoyed.

"I need you to zip me up."

Risa turned her back toward me, allowing me to zip up the top to her costume. As I finished, she turned meeting me face to face. "Thank you." Her eyes read something else, and she leaned in. I knew exactly what she wanted, so I obliged. I'd be lying if I said her kisses did nothing for me, in fact, kissing her was like a drug, and she always left me wanting more, and I hated myself for being so weak.

"Thank you, Aichan. You're sweet." She purred.

I gave a small smile as she linked arms, walking us out, and meeting up with the others. We gathered in the middle of the hall, surrounded by our production crew, and several staff members. Our three newest members were closely huddled together along with the rest of us. Our leader put her hand out, eventually joined by the rest. Now's my chance. I waited for the right moment for Eri to put her hand in, and I quickly set mine on top. I stole a glance, and a smile from Eri, but was distracted by Sayumi's glare. Her eyes bored right through me. She was noted as the cute one of her generation, but today, I was slightly unnerved by her actions. As quickly as it happened, it was over, and she as back to her cutesy ways.

"C'mon Eri, let's go." She smiled sweetly, taking her by the hand. I watched them as they walked away. What is wrong with me? I'm supposed to be happy, and in a loving relationship with Risa. I love her.... I think. I shake my head clear. It's time to focus now. The concert is minutes away.

"Hey you. Ready?" Risa wraps her arms around my waist from behind, resting her head on my shoulder.

"Sure, yeah. Let's do this." And with that, we were introduced to the restless crowd. I temporarily forgot my feelings letting sea of yells of admiration wash over me. It was a magical feeling; like nothing in the world.

Present time.


"Can I help you?"

"You're doing it again."

"Doing what?"

"Staring off into space again."

Risa and I walked hand in hand through the busy Saturday afternoon crowd. Risa had been telling a story, a story that I'd never be able to recall because I drifted off into my own thoughts. It happened more and more now. We were one year out of Morning Musume. Eri and Sayumi had taken over as Leader and Sub-leader. Risa and I taught them everything they know now, and they were doing a great job. Morning Musume was gaining back the fame they once had back again. I was incredibly proud of them, but especially Eri. She'd quickly dropped her "Idiot Girl" act and became a mature responsible leader, and I found myself becoming more and more attracted to her. I made sure to keep in constant contact with her. I didn't want to lose her, even though I could never tell her how I truly felt. I was in love with her. I've loved her since day one.