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notall (ノタル)

05 April 2015 - 11:51 AM

I'm surprised notall doesn't have a thread here yet!


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(I'm sorry, I haven't figured out how to make the pictures bigger...)


Notall (pronounced "notaru", katakana: ノタル) is an idol group consisting of four members, born between 1991 and 1995. They are easy to follow from overseas, because they are very active online. They call themselves social idols, which means that they are produced by fans online. They are also easily approachable online, perhaps in real life events as well.


Now on a personal note, I can say I became a fan of the group within minutes. It was love at first sight. ^^ <3 The catchy songs, the cute and friendly members, everything. The songs come in various styles, my favourites are Pengin Ningen (I happen to love penguins since early childhood!) and Ready Girl. I bought their new mini album on iTunes.


Due to my limited Japanese skills, I can't say I know very much about the group. I haven't quite figured out all the things you can do with them online. Please discuss them here and share your knowledge too. :)


Official links:


Website: http://notall.jp

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/notallTV

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/notall

Twitter: https://twitter.com/si_notall


They are also on CHEERZ.


Articles on Tokyo Girls Update:


Join the Social Idol Group “notall” Project and Become a Producer!

Social Idol Group notall Releases MV for “Penguin Ningen” From Their 1st Best of Album!

The Next Generation Idol Group that is Cultivated with Everyone from Around the World, “notall” Debuts!  




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Chiko Watanabe


Nickname: Bechiko

Profile: http://notall.jp/member/watanabe

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Chiko_1004


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Haruka Sato


Nickname: SatoHaru

Profile: http://notall.jp/member/satou

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Haruka26s


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Narumi Katase


Nickname: Naachan

Profile: http://notall.jp/member/katase

Twitter: https://twitter.com/knrmy2


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Reina Tasaki


Nickname: Tasakyon

Profile: http://notall.jp/member/tasaki

Twitter: https://twitter.com/tasakyon0308

Hotaru no Hikari

18 June 2010 - 02:23 PM

This awesome and funny drama with Haruka Ayase and Naohito Fujiki is getting a second season this summer, so I thought it's about time it had its own thread. :angry: I for one can't wait.

Posted Image

Season 1

Title: ホタルノヒカリ
Title (romaji): Hotaru no Hikari
Title (English): Glow of Fireflies
Genre: Romance, comedy
Broadcast network: NTV
Episodes: 10
Viewership rating: 13.6 (Kanto)
Broadcast period: 2007-Jul-11 to 2007-Sep-12
Air time: Wednesday 22:00


Hotaru works for a famous interior design company. It's a glamorous job but Hotaru's private life is totally the opposite of glamorous. She lives alone, and when she isn't working she's mostly lazing about her rented house in training wear. She's not interested in men. In fact, she isn't interested in anything. "I'd rather lay around than fool around," is her motto. Her landlord is a bar owner, and one day his son, who has just separated from his wife, comes to inspect the rental property, not knowing that someone is living there. He is shocked at the mess, but not as shocked as Hotaru. He turns out to be her boss, Takano.


Ayase Haruka as Amemiya Hotaru
Yoshida Riko as young Hotaru (ep1)
Fujiki Naohito as Takano Seiichi
Kuninaka Ryoko as Saegusa Yuuka
Kato Kazuki as Teshima Makoto
Takeda Shinji as Jinguuji Kaname
Itaya Yuka as Yamada Sachiko
Yasuda Ken as Futatsugi Shouji
Asami Reina as Sono Minako
Watabe Gota as Sawaki Shun
Shibue Joji as Tadokoro Junpei
Matsumoto Marika as Murota Suzuko
Matsushita Sara as Kasumi Hatsuko
Maruyama Tomomi as Goutokuji Ken
Matsunaga Hiroshi as Yamaguchi Takatoshi
Kurotani Tomoka as Miyuki

Posted Image

Season 2

Episodes: TBA
Broadcast period: 2010-Jul-7 start
Air time: Wednesday 22:00


Ayase Haruka as Amemiya Hotaru
Fujiki Naohito as Takano Seiichi
Itaya Yuka as Yamada Sachiko
Yasuda Ken as Futatsugi Shouji
Mukai Osamu
Usuda Asami
Kimura Tae
Ishii Momoka
Takahashi Tsutomu (高橋努)
Nakabeppu Aoi
Ichikawa Tomohiro (市川知宏)
Kimisawa Yuki
Ide Takuya (井出卓也)
Sato Chiaki
Yanagisawa Takahiko
Mashita Rena (真下玲奈)

All information from Dramawiki.

Funniest jdrama?

20 May 2008 - 09:45 AM

Since there is already a "saddest jdrama" thread, I think a thread like this should be okay too.

What are the funniest jdrama you have watched? They can be clever or silly, but they've made you laugh a lot.

I can recommend these:

Nodame Cantabile
Mirai Koshi Meguru
Anna-san no Omame

What about you?