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Seriously Guys. Seriously. > Morning Musume pet peeves

Posted 14 January 2013

What are some of your Morning Musume pet peeves?

I think my biggest one is that Kanon is fat.  Seriously compare her thighs to Fukumura's in the shots where she's wearing enough or compare their arms.  They're actually the same size; the only difference I can see is a stomach being drawn back for better posture and showing off her body. ...

Seriously Guys. Seriously. > Anti-Fans; a definition. Also, I got married

Posted 01 August 2012

Yeah!  Marriage is actually pretty awesome.  I think a great definition of a wedding is: wherein you invite all of your friends from high school and college to have a huge party sponsored by your parents where you're allowed to drink with your cool relatives and dance to Kpop and Jpop.

But enough about that.  


People have been...

Seriously Guys. Seriously. > One Two Three Analysis and Figures

Posted 21 June 2012

I watched the video and counted on each of the jump cuts what girls were on screen.  If it was a dance shot I only counted it if it was different from the previously released dance shot and only if the girls in question were looking at the camera.  Close ups were easy.  The spinning swirling parts counted everyone.  I did this for every cut - the number is...

Seriously Guys. Seriously. > Cuca's 1. 2. 3. I'm not even going to pretend like I'm not fangirling

Posted 10 June 2012

Before it gets into it I'm going to make something clear.  Cuca is dancing the full dance while singing averse to doing the lead singer-arm-wave-gesture thing.  Further she decided to sing the entire song averse to going back and forth like the girls do.  If you don't...

Seriously Guys. Seriously. > Your Line Distribution Opinion is Bad and You Should Feel Bad

Posted 04 June 2012


It happens with regularity every song so I don't know why I'm continually frustrated by seeing it but I swear days are taken from my life from my inborn rage at people complaining about line distribution as if Morning Musume were some sort of day school where zero sum games weren't allowed and not a pop idol group.  I'm going to...