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AitorBernkastel's Blog > Hello Project and the Curse of the Pair Numbers

Posted 13 August 2015

Well, it's something I've noticed recently (well, I've been noticing this for a while), and pair numbers doesn't work for Hello Project. I mean, all groups always lose a member when the number of their members is pair.

The first and most clear example is Berryz Koubou :

They debuted with 8 members:



AitorBernkastel's Blog > I need your help for something important for me ;w;

Posted 02 October 2014

Hello! I'm Aitor, as everyone (or almost everyone XD) know

Out of H!P and J-POP fandom, I'm into the KPOP fandom as well. Well, there's this group called EXO, which I love, and a member from that group that I love even more, Sehun.

There's some kind of campaing of messages. The top 550 (50 by each member) most voted comments will be compilated in a book...

AitorBernkastel's Blog > Public apologies to the fandom - Aitor

Posted 15 September 2014

Hi, well, I’m the well-known Aitor. I’m not well-known because of my good actions. I know it’s the complete opposite. I want to explain my situation first:

This year hasn’t been my year at all… It’s been stressful, chaotic, hard and desperating. When things are like that I just get angry at everything, I’m just like this (I’ve discovered that this yea...

AitorBernkastel's Blog > My Password is 0 full dance cover

Posted 07 April 2014

Of course I've done Maachan part!

AitorBernkastel's Blog > Hello Project All Time Utahimes

Posted 06 March 2014

So I made this video~