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In Topic: Hangry and Angry Concert England

28 May 2010 - 09:19 AM

I was a member before I just never came on here much, then i forgot my password and the email its linked to. So I feel its better to just start again~

I quite liked that question actually, its was thought through and made them actually think, Rika's face and the I don't know means it was a good question, I think anyway, better than the 'whats you favourite ___?' questions

In Topic: Hangry and Angry Concert England

28 May 2010 - 09:09 AM

This was possibly one of the best days in my life~

The crowd was just AMAZING...and so were Yossie and Rika. The video they showed at the begining made me smile so much, seeing Nono and Gaki and Ai talk about them was so cute, its a shame they can't get Aibon to talk, would have been nice to hear about what 4th generation thoughtg of each other~

The rock version of Mr moonlight made my day, please release this~

Everyone I meet was just so cool, it was a much different crowd then I'm used to for Japanese gigs, I'm used to excitable girls and pushy people who don't understand the concept of a queue, which can get very frustating~ The Japanese people were so funny, you'd talk to them in English and most would reply in Japanese, It was funny but at the same time showed you that no matter what language you speak, we all got on and had a fun day.

Going to the pub after wards was a good idea~ Wish I could have stayed longer though Y^Y

And for all you who talked to me and stuff I was the blonde girl with purple green and orange in my hair with the half shaven head~~