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#21 ensorcelledAubade


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Posted 03 November 2016 - 07:26 PM


How did I not see there was a thread for this :blink: I mainly play D.va and Mercy :)

Welcome! :D It looks like me and Krusha are mostly the ones doing the talking haha, but feel free to join in. I miss the days when they didn't limit 1 hero on competitive and we'd go 6 DVa on any control map and would quickly win. XD


Have only played with Skyrockets so far. Would love to play with you too Krusha! You seem very knowledgeable about the game.


That sounds amazing oh my gosh :D I haven't been playing for very long, and i'm not that great XD

#22 Ohasumi


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Posted 04 November 2016 - 08:46 PM

So many juicy announcements at Blizzcon today~


1. Sombra animated short, as well as her skills have been released

2. Sombra released next week, as well as an Arcade map

3. New maps Antarctica(Mei's home) and Oasis(desert) late November


Sombra's releasing sooooon! Meanwhile, here's the Sombra short. :D I'm excited for a Zarya short now.


The World Cup is also going on in Twitch!


P.S. Played with SkyRockets again yesterday! Carried me as a Rein when he was an Ana. XD Would really love to play with you all, so fell free to post up your battlenets!

#23 SkyRockets


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Posted 06 November 2016 - 09:03 PM

I'm so ready for this Sombra stuff to be over with, it's been too long of a ride. And looking at her abilities, I do not look forward to be playing against her but on the other hand I do look forward to play as her. She might just be a offensive player I can finally get into.


And playing with Ohasumi was tons of fun, we make a good team :D

#24 ensorcelledAubade


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Posted 06 November 2016 - 10:48 PM

Ahhh I love her short so much ^^ I can't wait to try her out

#25 Ohasumi


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Posted 07 November 2016 - 09:04 AM

Sombra gameplay for those interested. :D They streamed this during Blizzcon but pretty happy someone recorded and uploaded it.


#26 Ohasumi


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Posted 15 November 2016 - 09:39 PM

Lots of new updates to Overwatch today!


As a Mei player, I'm a bit sad they nerfed Mei's ult charge significantly. Though I don't think that'll affect Mei players that much. On another note, I'm so happy they buffed Pharah and DVa. I'm probably gonna be using Pharah a lot now. I wonder if the Pharmacy (Pharah-Mercy) combo meta will come back to comp. Both of them got pretty awesome buffs. I notice that whenever I play comp and I'm in a group that can't deal with a Pharah, we pretty much lose. :< I kind of want to get good at McCree but my aim sucks. lol

#27 Krusha



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Posted 17 November 2016 - 01:39 AM

They "buffed" Pharah, sure.


But they also buffed Soldier:76 and Widowmaker. Yesterday Taimou tried out Soldier76 on his stream, and he had over 35,000 damage on King's Row with him! So now for Pharah there's not just McCree to worry about, there's also Soldier:76 returning into action (and looking very strong). And of course Widowmaker, Ana, and even Mei. This just means playing Pharah will be extremely challenging vs. those who have good aim.


With regards to McCree and aim, I recommend going through a long list of things to practice, first at practice range, then 1v6 Ana bots on hard setting, 200% damage, 25% respawn time, headshots only. 


First of all make sure your Windows mouse settings is 6/11, acceleration disabled. Then the DPI should be something like 800, and sensitivity from 4 to 6 or so (plus minus), polling rate 500 or 1000. You should have a large mousepad, for example Zowie G-SR. Since McCree is hitscan, you want to have precise aiming, and you won't get that with high DPI and high sensitivity.


Personally I run it at 800 DPI/4.66 sens, and it works quite well for me.


Now, as for the practice itself, there's quite many YouTube videos on how to improve aim in general, and more specifically for McCree. You just have to put in at least a couple hours every day with practice only (not playing the game itself) then it'll improve. You'll find that when you play the game, be it quick play or ranked, you'll do much better than before.

#28 Ohasumi


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Posted 06 January 2017 - 02:56 AM

Woot. Finally reached Platinum a couple of days ago! Started the climb with DVA and Pharah. They're pretty awesome on solo queue. Most especially DVa because she's OP right now. A bit sad they'll be nerfing her. Strangely I still don't see enough teams knowing how to counter Pharah-Mercy combo in 2700 mid-platinum ranks. Or maybe it's just the teams I get pitted against. Most of the time me and mercy have free reign once I take out Soldier and Ana. I've been told Diamond ranks make it harder to play Pharah though so I'll savor this moment a while longer.

Oh but one more thing. Good Symmetras in good teams are such a pain to deal with. :T Anyone have any advice on that? Winston sometimes works but not if she's paired with a Zarya or Road.

Edit: Reached Diamond as of 1/23/17! Wow this is probably my highest SR as of late. I wonder how far I can take it.

#29 mashaki


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Posted 05 March 2017 - 02:06 AM

Oh hey just found this! Overwatch has pretty much taken control of my life haha

I'm a Mei main but I do play D.va and Pharah often too :D


What does everyone think of the new character, Orisa, so far ^_^ ?

~  Mizuki ☆ Masaki ☆ Ayacho ☆ Moe ☆ Tomoko SayubeeChisaki ☆ Ayapan ☆ Riko ~

MiyaChii fan forever ^^

Thank you AmaSusE for my avy  <3

#30 cdean12343


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Posted 15 June 2017 - 12:00 PM

I love the character modelling in overwatch

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