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General Idol news/culture/talk thread

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Posted 11 July 2011 - 11:03 AM

Oh, no, is just that I started it, so I think is my duty keep posting on it until it starts a life of its own. I don’t think I’m very charming, or interesting or entertaining or that I have to say anything definitive about anything, so I just post news, links so people can use them in any way they want. Allegedly is a thread to talk about (less or more) anything idol-related, but I’m into other things now and I don’t have much time (or brains) to do “think-posts” around here.

The girl whose blog I linked above has a picture of her on bikini on the banner, so I suppose that yes. Is not unusual that gravure models or race queens do also music (but I don’t know if this is what this girls are doing or not).

Two more videos. Uhm, one of the things that I find fascinating is how there is people documenting all this underground groups or singers on YouTube, some times sticking to a bunch of groups, other times doing every live show where they can go, these two videos from the same channel are an example:

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Posted 11 July 2011 - 11:12 AM

I always wondered where do you get all of those videos from XD Because it always seems like it's impossible to find anything about those underground groups...

The girl on the first video is a really good singer! From her speaking voice I imagined her to sound really cute, with a high pitched voice and well you know how they sound. But her having such a in a way powerful and low voice amazed me! She seems like an interesting artists...
And those other two girls are amazing dancers! i didn't expect them to have such a powerful voice and be such good singers either...

I just got an impression that most of these underground groups or unknown indie groups probably(i know that it's not all groups but a lot of them) are even better singer than the groups that have already reached a lot... It just looks as if they have more talent than a lot of other groups... Of course it's just an impression^^

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Posted 11 July 2011 - 11:33 AM

I don’t know, it depends. The girls that I linked above usually do KARA covers, so when they sing it, they gave it a more expressive vocal work that you don’t find in the original recording, but also if you skip the emotional content, the rawness of the live show, they are skipping over the other parts, or doesn’t have much care about the song as a whole, so it also a bit more boring and predictable. So probably a question of personal tastes. I like polished songs even if there is not much going on the vocal or the dance parts, and I like also this.

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Posted 12 July 2011 - 11:03 AM

Cover for the new HimeKyun Fruit Can single:

Attached File  himekyun.jpg   70.03KB   4 downloads

It will be released on 2011/8/3 and the tracklist is this:

<Disk 1 CD>
1. 8分の1のブレス
2. ひまわり
3. Loop&Loop
4. 時、戻れ…

<Disk 2 DVD>
1. 8分の1のブレス(PromotionVideo)

Even a tinier cover for SKi releasing their anti-nuclear anthem on 2011.8.15:

Attached File  ski.jpg   20.17KB   4 downloads

The B-side (also anti-nuclear) is this one.


Another girl group: SPACE GIRLS PLANET

(two more videos on their YT channel)

1st single 『JUMP!!/同じ星を見てる☆』out on 2011.08.03.

On a OS☆U mood today:

Here you can see the first part of four of their show on Gotouchi Idol. (If you are bored, on the same YT channel there are the shows dedicated to pinkish and Idol Class). Also they are releasing this show on DVD.

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Posted 13 July 2011 - 01:43 AM

I really love this thread. I know I don't post here much but mostly it's due to the fact that it takes me a few days to go through all the new Idols groups to see which ones I like. I actually keep a list of groups I need to look into and/or but CDs from. Please keep posting more awesome Idol groups!


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Posted 13 July 2011 - 05:43 AM

lol ski videos look so old... they record them with a vhs camera or what??? is interesting because i'm sure they do it like that on purpose

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Posted 16 July 2011 - 08:58 PM

don't know if anyone has seen this yet but i still thought i'd share it here since i'm really liking this girl :D


this is Kyary Pamyu Pamyu (Carrie for short XD) she's a model for fashion magazines KERA and Zipper. She's releasing this song on itunes on July 20th and releasing a mini-Album in August all produced by Capsule's Nakata Yasutaka (Perfume) Mini album's title is Moshi Moshi Harajuku and this is the cover art for it:

Posted Image

You can read more about her here: http://www.timeout.j...u-the-interview
her ameblo: http://ameblo.jp/kyarypamyupamyu/
and her twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/pamyurin

i dunno what it is about her but i just find her so interesting :lol:

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Posted 16 July 2011 - 11:28 PM

^that producer... no wonder it sounds very PERFUME style... way too much me thinks

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Posted 17 July 2011 - 09:12 AM

I saw that video when it was just uploaded. I really liked her <3

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Posted 19 July 2011 - 01:29 AM

Let’s see if I can retake this:

lol ski videos look so old... they record them with a vhs camera or what??? is interesting because i'm sure they do it like that on purpose

Yes, is as if you enter on a time machine. Also, the uniform style, that compared with the supercustomized ones from AKB or Afilia or Super Girls or… looks plain, boring, old, but also more real, something that could had been used in some school a lot of years ago. It is as if they are trying to conjure some pure image from the past, something that if you think a bit about it, is almost scary.


Sea☆A「DREAM SHOOTER」PV (Full Version)


A preview from HARU☆HINA's new single:

Each member's blog:



Pastel Joker are going to release their first digital single (but I don't know how the line-up reflects the three teams structure). Amazon does have 30 sec. previews for each track.

Attached File  pastel.jpg   76.39KB   0 downloads



New posters for the "No music, No Idol? " campaign at Tower Records: Vanilla Beans, Negicco, tengal6, Sakura Gakuin.

Attached File  news_large_TOWER_VanillaBeans.jpg   74.68KB   0 downloadsAttached File  news_large_TOWER_Negicco.jpg   128.54KB   0 downloadsAttached File  news_large_TOWER_tengal6.jpg   111.34KB   0 downloadsAttached File  news_large_TOWER_sakuragakuin.jpg   97.9KB   0 downloads

Also there is another thing going on at Tower Records is called 「Pop'nアイドル」and includes a series of idols' live shows and events. Time line is something like this:

7/17(日)12:30~、17:30~ EbiChu
7/20(水)19:00~ T-Palette Records PRESENTS Vanilla Beans×Negicco
7/30(土)17:00~ tengal6
7/31(日)16:00~ Vanilla Beans
7/31(日)19:00~ AeLL.
8/21(日)19:00~ Tomato n’ Pine


The interesting thing is that at least the EbiChu show was streamed through Tower Records' Ustream page (you can check it here: http://www.ustream.t...corded/16057292):


(But I'm not sure if they are going to stream anything else from that list)

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Posted 19 July 2011 - 05:14 PM

It seems that this is the PV preview for AeLL’s second single, to be released on 7/31/2011.

Also they will be doing their Pigoo Radio Show on Ustream on 07/21/2011.

GirlNews.tv has three articles for each party for the opening of MAP theater.


(With TOKYO GIRLS’ STYLE, YGA, Tokyo Cheer2 Party, Idol College and iDOL Street ストリート生)


(With Up-Front Girls (or whatever they are called this week), Kotone Mai, iDOL Street ストリート生(e-Street), D-rive and Slender)
These last two are groups/units under Sexy-all-sisters:

(to find their blogs you have to click on the pink text on each girl’s box, a pop-up appers with a full-body image (they usually work as race queens or as gravure models) and click on their ameblo, anyway, D-rive ones:


(With Tokyo Cheer2 Party, iDOL Street ストリート生, CANDY GO!GO! and桜組2期生 (Sakuragumi?)

Gate for 9Nine live show tomorrow at Nico Nico Douga:

And yes, the Vanilla Beans x Negicco show will be broadcasted on Ustream.

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Posted 20 July 2011 - 06:19 AM


That Kyary Pamyu Pamyu song was stuck in my head all day.
I read up on her and she sounds interesting...
I really like that album cover, too!


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Posted 20 July 2011 - 05:54 PM

^She is going to do a live show tomorrow on Ustream:


Artists on 汐留☆アイドルカーニバル!2011 in SHIODOME-AX
(just for the pictures)


Strange things, so looking after the first girlgroup I’m going to link below I found this shop, so now I think these four girlgroups are related. And I don’t know if they even have singles, but they have posters, some merchandising and special events PDFs (pictures)…


Maybe NSFW other merchandising sold on that shop…


Another girlgroup: I-labo


(On members’ profiles there are links to their respective blogs)


(live shows mostly)


Another girlgroup: C*LOVER

Probably the most interesting part is on the media section:


They post new videos on their YouTube channel each week, most of them like small TV shows and almost without music. Some groups try this strategy to make fans, so have fun while they are updating…

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Posted 21 July 2011 - 07:12 AM

Watching this YT channel:


Also Idol Zukan winners are in:


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Posted 23 July 2011 - 06:36 PM

Meguriai new single:


Shimokita FM Ustream is a webshow/radioshow focused on idols, their last show uploaded, almost three hours long, is called "idol festival vol.3 part2"


Line-up (probably not in the order they appear on the video, probably changed I took it from Tokyo Cheer2 Party ameblo, on on-screen CMs there is no BiS and there is another group) is: TGS/momo/Dorothy Little Happy/Meguriai/Tokyo Cheer2 Party/BiS

TIF 2011 website is alive!


SKi still milking the (nuclear) cow:

Attached File  img20110720ski2-566x800.jpg   203.1KB   2 downloads

Another girlgroup: R☆M

(first single live from their YT channel)


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Posted 24 July 2011 - 08:04 AM


I was intrigued because when I was watching their videos on their YT channel, almost every related video proposed was AV-porn related. Then I checked their names and I understood.




Attached File  cgg.jpg   139.75KB   1 downloads

CANDY GO! GO! are going to release a new single called “We Are!!!!!! / そしてまた逢えると云うよ” (if you click on each title track you’ll see a performance of that song on YouTube) on 2011/8/5.


Negicco & Vanilla Beans release event show



Negicco live show:

1, 2, 3 and 4

Vanilla Beans PV

And non-related, but still my favourite Negicco news moment: when they were featured on the BBC.



So OS☆U, it seems, released their fourth single on 2011/07/10 called “Surfing Striker”. The song is the one above. It has 5 different covers.

Attached File  ss-a.jpg   95.19KB   0 downloadsAttached File  ss-b.jpg   94.02KB   0 downloadsAttached File  ss-c.jpg   95.65KB   0 downloadsAttached File  ss-d.jpg   94.33KB   1 downloadsAttached File  ss-e.jpg   92.67KB   1 downloads

Also is the music for a CM. And these are the girls from the group eating things for it.


FantaPeace (as audience on a talk) in Daily Yomiuri:

"I had an opportunity to give a lecture to the 15 members of FantaPeace, an indie idol group based mainly at Love Com Theater in Nipponbashi, Osaka, at the end of last month. I talked about how much Japan is loved around the world because of its pop culture and how idol groups like them act as links to the rest of the world.

I have given a number of lectures and university seminars around the world. But the average age of the audience at the May lecture--about 14 or 15--was no doubt the youngest; one of the girls was 11 years old. I was a little worried they would not be able to concentrate on an hourlong lecture, but everybody was keen to learn and took notes from start to finish. I saw in them the strength of young people who clearly know what they want to do".


Attached File  bs2.jpg   344.72KB   3 downloads

And that TV show on BS11 has announced contents for 07/28. One of the girlgroups is Nanairo Fantasy (that are going or just have released their second single). The other one, I think is not a group. You can find their individual blogs here.

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Posted 25 July 2011 - 08:46 AM

Second one probably will make you go 0_0

#58 Krusha



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Posted 25 July 2011 - 09:00 AM

Thank you for the information about the TV show Nanairo Fantasy is going to appear on.

I really do hope it becomes available for viewing somehow, as Nanairo Fantasy is a very interesting idol group, with some good songs!

As for the group, they've had an indies debut single (their first single naturally) some time ago (I don't really remember when it was released).

Their 2nd single was released 22nd of June.

Edit: [email protected] videos

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Posted 26 July 2011 - 02:33 PM

I would post more things about Nanairo, but still can’t find a place where to hear their songs (is there any way to hear their radio show?). Anybody interested in the group they have a thread in this subforums (but is quite dead). LQ cover of their last single:

Attached File  nf.jpg   24.88KB   1 downloads


To continue with our love to tiny covers, these are AeLL ones:

Attached File  aell2a.jpg   70.2KB   1 downloadsAttached File  aell2b.jpg   73.38KB   1 downloads


And also, checking the last one, discovered than Clip-Clop released a maxi-CD single on 2011.07.20. You can hear 30 second-previews from three of the six tracks on their record label website:

Attached File  clipclop_jacket1.jpg   167.19KB   1 downloads



And checking other releases, found a Feam PV, so a Feam PV:


GirlNews has a report of pre-dia on a live show. The K-Pop reference, it seems, is about the “adult concept” (where “adult” means 15 yo?). Link and PV below:



Also on the same site, a short interview with YGA that are going to release their first album on 2011-08-24 called “YGA BEST 1~電撃!グイグイ少女~”



1. YGA の歌
2. 10stars
3. 電撃少女!
5. 恋愛ストライカー
6. しゅぱっ
7. あなたにI miss you
8. 情熱ヒロイン
10. いとしのサンデーボーイ
11. はっぴぃサマー
12. 大熱烈ビーム



And now, another thing altogether: boring academic books.

Attached File  app.jpg   35.83KB   0 downloads

“From the beginning of the American occupation in 1945 to the post-bubble period of the early 1990s, popular music provided Japanese listeners with a much-needed release, channeling their desires, fears, and frustrations over an ever-shifting geopolitical reality into a pleasurable and fluid art. Pop music allowed Japanese artists and audiences to assume various identities, reflecting the country's uncomfortable position under American hegemony. Michael Bourdaghs composes the first English-language study of this phenomenon, considering genres as diverse as boogie-woogie, rockabilly, enka, 1960s rock and roll, 1970s New Music, folk, and technopop. Reading these forms and their cultural import through music, literary, and cultural theory, he introduces a range of readers to the sensual moods and meanings of modern Japan.

As he unpacks the complexities of Japanese pop production and consumption, Bourdaghs interprets a country as it worked through (or tried to forget) its imperial past. These efforts grew even murkier as Japanese pop migrated to the nation's former colonies. In postwar Japan, pop music both accelerated and protested the commodification of everyday life, challenged and reproduced gender hierarchies, and insisted on the uniqueness of a national culture, even as it participated in an increasingly integrated global marketplace. Each chapter examines a single genre through a particular theoretical lens: the relation of music to liberation; the influence of cultural mapping on musical appreciation; the role of translation in transmitting musical genres across the globe; the place of noise in music and its relation to historical change; the tenuous connection between ideologies of authenticity and imitation; the link between commercial success and artistic integrity; and the function of melodrama. Bourdaghs concludes with a look at recent Japanese pop music culture”


To be honest sounds a bit boring.

Attached File  ShowJacket.jpg   116.96KB   0 downloads

“Japanese consumers have changed dramatically over the past fifteen years. From the big spenders of the late 80s bubble economy, they have become price-conscious, wealthy and sophisticated shoppers, demanding the world's best service and most innovative products. A number of major shifts in Japanese society further led to the emergence of whole new consumer groups, such as the baby boomers, the single market, the new rich and otaku (enthusiastic) consumers. Today Japan is still the second largest and most important consumer market in the world: the economic crisis has not changed this. These major changes however, are still receiving insuffient coverage in management and marketing research. 'Japanese Consumers' fills this gap and discusses the development of Japanese consumerism, particularities of Japanese consumer behaviour and consumer rights, new consumer groups and emerging trends in the Japanese market”.


And this one is not even music related, but…


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Posted 26 July 2011 - 05:47 PM

Also Idol Zukan winners are in:


winners???? first news about this.... what kind of awards are?

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