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dragonfly's page! :w00t:

(updated since 10/14/12)

H!P & AKB48 fan! Posted Image And somewhat recently kpop fan but meh, let's put that aside

(Keeping my MoMusu info the same as before since it's reminiscent to my old active H!P wota self... Though I know it's not up to date because of graduations....)

Favorite Musume: Niigaki Risa, Kusumi Koharu (I'm torn between the two :sob:) Both have awesome personalities. Risa also has a wonderful voice and Koharu... well, let the management keep feeding her crack on Oha!Star XD
Favorite Berry: Sugaya Risako, ah... Rii.... what can I say? Beautiful in ways words can't describe. Her voice is also getting out of the nasaly phase (still is, seems like she was straining herself on the high notes on Rival) but she's trying her best! (and Momo at very close 2nd. Momo because other that her somewhat high voice from back then, she's mastered the mature voice [My Boy, SBG], and that she's undeniably cute)
Favorite Cutie: Hagiwara Mai, Suzuki Airi; Maimai is a good friend, from what I see in her relationship with Chisa Posted Image She's also a tsukkomi and that's a huge plus. Airi, she's funny, genki personality, can be cute but also nosebleedingly sexy :nosebleed:
Favorite soloist: ManoEri!! (...is there anyone else? ^^;) She's getting more and more noticeable to me with each new PV. And seeing her in the Mano Spy pics, she's really getting out of her bunny cheek stage and into a more mature beauty.
Favorite s/mileage member: Maeda Yuuka (with Fukuda Kanon at a very close second) Well... being shallow, I like Yuuka for the looks and Kanon for the voice and cuteness. Wada and Saki.. they're good too.
Favorite H!P subgroup: Buono! (G4 at 2nd)
Favorite Buono! member: all of them!! (>w')b
Favorite Guardians4 member: Nakajima Saki, (even with the apple of my eye, Risako, Nakky seems to be more noticeable in G4 than at C-ute as a back-up dancer)


The AKB-world always keeps us wotas on our toes, huh? I am now also a devout SKE fan as well ^__^

(Pre-Tokyo Dome shuffle Teams)

Favorite Team A member: Takahashi Minami, after watching the Documentary of AKB48 series, I had a better glimpse of the leadership and she really is the glue that keeps the whole 48 group together ^^
Favorite Team K member: Oshima Yuko, that's pretty obvious... XD oshiriko and sugar enduced crazyness! But now that Jurina's in Team K, I would say it's her... but I consider her mainly as an SKE member...
Favorite Team B member: Kashiwagi Yuki, ojou-sama~~ ^^ Not really a Team B fan though, but if i had to pick, yeah, Yukirin.

Favorite AKB48 member overall: TakaMinaah~!!
Favorite AKB48 sub-group: Not Yet (with NO3B at 2nd)


Favorite Team S member: Matsui Rena, She is also my overall Kami-oshi over the whole 48 group. Her eyes, her ojou-sama-ness, her voice, her cuteness, her amazing acting, her silly moments (esp. in Magical Radio, LOL), aghh~~~
Favorite Team KII member: Furukawa Airi, (but no, I am not a RenAirin shipper *gasp!*), she is a talented artist both on stage and on the PC XD and her tendencies to fantasize over her members (have you seen her yuri fantasizing over Yuria and Paruru? LOL) she is living the otaku dream~
Favorite Team E member: Kimoto Kanon, though I'm guilty that i dont know that much Team E members... BUT she was very adorable in Majisuka! Even in the second season, when she stabbed Rena (i admit, i was raging over her character when that happened... XD) she was so adorable, hopping while in the medical pajamas~

Favorite MM songs: Nanchatte Renai, Summer Night Town (hey, gotta love the classics Posted Image)
Favorite Berryz songs: Munasawagi Scarlet, Dakishimete Dakishimete
Favorite C-ute songs: Forever Love, Meguru Koi no Kisetsu
Favorite ManoEri song: Hajimete no Keiken
Favorite S/Mileage song: Suki Chan
Favorite Buono song: Bravo☆Bravo
Favorite Guardians4 song: Party Time

Favorite AKB48 songs: Seifuku ga Jama wo Suru, Gugutasu no Sora
noteable song to mention: "Blue Rose", i don't know what I'd call this song since it was sung by a couple of Team K members so.. it's a stage?
Favorite no3b song: Kiss no Ryuusei
Favorite Chocolove song: Mail no Namida (hard to pick since I only know two songs ^^; )

Favorite MM PV: Mr. Moonlight ~Ai no Big Band~ (cross dressing and MakoYossie, need I say more?)
Favorite Berryz PV: Seishun Bus Guide (once again, cross dressing and Berryz fawning over very cute Bus Guide-san Posted Image)
Favorite C-ute PV: Meguru Koi no Kisetsu (YajiUme as Megane-ko, cute little Nakky, Maimai, and Chisa; and KannaAiri X3)
Favorite ManoEri PV: Love&Peace=Paradise (mainly for the cuteness overload, ManoEri in big, white, fuzzy earmuffs is wub <3)
Favorite S/Mileage PV: Ama no Jaku (nice, synchronizing, choreography)
Favorite Buono PV: My Boy (Buono as spies in a castle that seems to be high on the budget side compared to other PVs released at the time. Smoke screen, Momo with a knife AND gun, Miya jumping off windows, Airi crawling Posted Image )
Favorite Guardians 4 PV: School Days (Oh, look at their faces of disgust whilist drinking tea XD Aika: "SUTORETO!!!")


I was a hard-core AKB48 fan right after AX'09. Failure led me to temptation, and AKB was there with their peppy songs and fanservice.

But recently, I've been looking over old H!P PVs (and I mean old like Sexy Boy, Melodies, Ookina Ai de Mtenashite, and etc....), and for some reason, H!P love came back.

I missed out on so much, like C-ute getting blogs, Berryz singles, S/Mileage's growth as an idol group... And now, I'm gonna be more active in the H!P community, as I have in the AKB community.

Though I won't promise activity on forums and stuff like that back then.

I won't stop supporting AKB though cause.. well... I still think of them as the best. Though the love's at H!P.....and that AKB knows how to rape your wallet and credit card @[email protected]

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