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Takeuchi Akari,
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Uploaded on 25-September 08
By sherox
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Picture size: 1487x2097

Picboard: Hello!Project 
Tags: Takeuchi Akari 
Comments (Showing the latest 5 of 5)
sherox  25-September 08
for some reason she kind of looks like ishimura maiha to me...
ilove-momosu  25-September 08
... WHAT? ^

Hmm, I wonder if shes one of the new H!P eggs or something. The only thing I can actually figure out is that her last name is Takeuchi...
royalpalmtree  25-September 08
^Takeuchi Akari, a new Egg added back in June.
kulitexd  26-September 08
she's cute! too bad she's an egg and will dance in the background for some years until gets attention. to be in a one-shot unit. lol.
Tessy-Chan  27-September 08
@Sherox and ilove-momosu: Obiously she isn't Maiha XD But I agree, once you pointed it out, I saw it.

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Uploaded on 24-September 08
By Nouciel
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Picture size: 1492x2103
Picboard: Hello!Project 
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