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 Apr 25 2012 05:35 PM
Before anyone gets upset, let me clarify that I'm speaking in a Platonic sense, much the way Michelangelo or Leonardo da Vinci (even though they were both gay) might have: Artistically, and with the admiration that the spectator has for the athlete.

With that disclaimer, Take-chan has amazing legs.
 Apr 25 2012 06:39 PM
Without need of a disclaimer: Haruna has amazing legs.
 Apr 25 2012 09:24 PM
You don't need a disclaimer for that she does in fact have nice legs. Runners legs.

Complimenting legs = not gross

Admitting you want to see very young girls naked and making comments about what you'd do to them = gross

Hope that clears up what comments people don't like to read.
 Apr 25 2012 09:42 PM
^ Er... I've seen some dandy flame wars over someone noticing ANY physical attributes below the neck of young idols. Also, I honestly don't care whether I'm considered "gross", but for the record, I've always been clear that I wouldn't, even if I had the chance, do anything with anyone under 18, though I've already been over the difference between biologically normal attraction and acting on it in today's complex society, etc... yet, to many, I am gross. That's fine. XD
 Apr 25 2012 11:58 PM
Maybe I'm naive, but I always thought of H!O as a more family friendly site, if only because of the number of younger users here. There are other idol forums though, each with their own atmospheres and comfort levels, like jplop, tkmr, and jphip.
 Apr 26 2012 12:13 AM
^ & ^^^

Whoa, seriously, are you guys for real? The girls know who is gawking at them, its not that they are THAT ignorant when they are in concerts or handshake events. "Family friendly" is only your assumption, but the composition of Hello!project's fans aren't. So please get off the high horse bashing men praising young girl's beauty because you don't feel so good, okay?
 Apr 26 2012 12:21 AM
Personally, I think it's more important that the site remain peaceful than that we try to prove who is right.

I'm the "worst" here in terms of perviness or whatever, but I would rather have people think I'm gross or disgusting or whatever than try to make a case that I'm not, because I'm not really going to change anyone's mind and, as I get older, I realize life is too short for flame wars. LOL I used to get in them and all it "accomplished" was a lot of animosity and no agreement.

Anyhow, are those buildings in Tokyo?

 Apr 26 2012 12:28 AM
I think those buildings are in Tokyo.
The red and white one in upper left seems to be Tokyo tower :)

And very cute picture, Kanana is so adorable
 Apr 26 2012 02:09 AM
Most people are hard-wired to find anyone of their preferred gender or genders past the age of puberty to be sexy to some degree. It's the reason the age of consent was established in the first place. In my, admittedly minority, opinion, there's nothing wrong with this. I do so with the full knowledge that I would never act upon any of those desires even if I had the opportunity to do so.
 Apr 26 2012 02:44 AM
I think part of it is that it takes a young girl or someone who was a young girl to understand it. To understand why it's unsettling to think that there are guys 20+ years older than you drooling over you, as a young teenager.

Along with that, because of the way our society is, girls are taught from a very young age to be wary of men they don't know (so guys, don't be offended if you try to talk to a girl in the subway or something and she ignores you, it's not that you necessarily are a bad guy, it's just that she's being cautious as she should be). If there weren't so many cases of rape and child molestation in our society, then people wouldn't be as disgusted by only the thought of this type of thing. Because, when it comes down to it, there ARE people that act on that. There are. Even if you might not, there will be others that, given the chance, might act on their desires.

So that's why, as a young girl myself, seeing people 10 or 20 years older than me talk that way about other young girls is very unsettling.

I hope I explained that well enough. It just comes down to the fact that there are disgusting people in society and, while that person might not be you, they do exist and we need to be wary of those types of people, and those same types of people might be the ones posting similar comments on a site like this.

If you KNOW that you would never act on any of your urges or desires, then that's great. It's just the people who do act on those that make talking about young girls in that way very disturbing.

I just want you guys to understand why some people might be disgusting/offended by what you post. But it's not your fault, necessarily.

Also, sorry, i'm not good at explaining my thoughts about things like this. I hope you get where i'm coming from, though.
 Apr 26 2012 03:22 AM
hi chimai i just say your post on the picboard and i wanna say that i really understand your meaning and ill be honest.iam a soldier class of h!p and my name as you see it .i know ther are those kind of people and ive ran into or seen many of them as in result of my sister last year .my job is to protect h!p form harm and those kind of people but iam feared they don't understand me and i hope you do .h!p and fans are to stay loved and i will keep it that way ty.
 Tiger Yuri
 Apr 26 2012 04:09 AM
If the action itself isn't acceptable and you wouldn't act on it- why make the comment in the first place?

Seems futile and redundant.

It's like saying "I would do this, that, and that. But oh I wouldn't ever really do this, that, and that since that's gross and not morally acceptable. But as long as I just talk about it and not actually act on it, no one's allowed to complain about my comment being gross."

That being said, there aren't any comments on this particular pic that fall under that category lol.
 Tiger Yuri
 Apr 26 2012 04:11 AM
Oh and love this pic, but I kinda wish S/mil had hula hoops too so it'd be totally centered haha.

And sorry for double posting omg haven't commented on the picboard is so long woot.
 Apr 26 2012 04:23 AM
you think iam a quiter you think your better then everyone but your not my saying is a dream and to recreate something that was lost in the past but i never said anything about it being gross yuri your soul is full of lies and tell me how is my comment futile and redundant?go crush someones else dream or else.
 Tiger Yuri
 Apr 26 2012 04:27 AM
Wait I wasn't talking to you, and also I didn't understand anything in your last comment lol.

Omg my soul is full of lies and omg I didn't mean to crush your dreams!
 Apr 26 2012 04:47 AM
no its aright ...someone along ago told me something mean i got real angry about it...i just lost it and i didn't mean it but its ture iam not what iam .i just tryed but can i ask you a question...how would mm react to a man with a rifle but with a bright heart and a strong spirt??
 Apr 26 2012 05:07 AM
At the people who posted before: LOL
It's a picboard. Nobody really cares about what you think. Why waste your time?

Meimi legs <3
 Apr 26 2012 06:33 AM
Alright, just once, that's it.

I hope you all know my personal position too, which really, I don't think is something that needs to be said, nor something that needs to be adheared like law, but whatever:

What we are talking about here are pictures with girls that a good lot of you wouldn't even have chance to meet. Which let's say even if you happened to meet, given the fact that there are laws to observe in Japan too, as long as you don't do anything illegal (over there), its really anyone's liberty to act on their own behalf.

Now lets move back right here, the internet. What are the laws to observe? well, I don't think there is any, besides the basic respect that I wouldn't troll over you if you don't step on my tail, simple as that.

As a picboard, I find it increasingly absurd to write text walls of incomprehensible meandering as we speak. How you feel, and more importantly, how I feel, shouldn't be of anyone's concern.

If you don't like it, don't comment on it, okay?

why tell others its bad to make comments, as pervy or untasteful as you might judge (which by the way, your judgement is as subjective as the comments themselves) simply because you are distrubed?

If the moderator didn't start working their hammers, why any of you start policing all of a sudden? This always baffles me, but what some of you have written really ticked me off and thus here it is, my personal, unwarrented opinion.

 Apr 26 2012 06:55 AM
@Chimai, I can see your perspective. I wouldn't comment on how nice someone's legs look if they were right there in front of me, because I wouldn't want them to think I was hitting on them, or that they need to be worried about me, or whatever. Dealing with something in person is a lot different. But on a forum that invites comments for pictures, I don't see any harm in it. I apologise if you think I'm gross, I just find them to be very beautiful and sometimes even sexy. It makes me wish I was 16 again.

@Tiger Yuri: I just see no harm in commenting about how sexy someone looks, even if they are not yet 18 or 20 or whatever the laws are where they are. Besides, I think about things all the time I would never do in real life. It's called fantasizing. I think it's healthy. For example, it's kept me from *actually* choking my brother-in-law to death :)
 Apr 26 2012 09:50 AM
 Apr 26 2012 10:02 AM
 Apr 26 2012 10:21 AM
@Chimai You don't seem to understand the idol industry at all. The whole business runs because of those old men who want to see young girls dance. If you deny that ur just ignorant. You think photobooks are just for studying photography or something? Also, h!p pictures and movies are nothing compared to some junior idol footage.
 Apr 26 2012 11:48 AM
Boring... 90% of the comments here are not even related to the girls in the pics ^_^;;

Back to the legs topic... It is not surprising Takechan have nice legs. Shes athelitic, just like her cousin Maimi. It runs in the Yajima family I guess LOL.... I think Chokubo have nice legs too. I'm surprised I never noticed how slim Ishida's legs are. I guess I just assume she had muscular legs like Riho since she dances professionally like Riho >_<
 Apr 26 2012 12:36 PM
is hula hooping with Takeuchi an option?
 Apr 26 2012 02:02 PM
@Paul: If you want to have a personal fantasy then good for you. Nobody else needs to hear about it though. Unfortunately on here we have our own pedophile ring who are openly pedophiles and gang up on anyone who complains about their disgusting comments. Then they pat each other on the back to encourage each other that their behavior is normal. This website already has one convicted pedophile to it's name it seems only a matter of time before we have another one.
 Apr 26 2012 03:55 PM
^ "Pedophile ring"? Drama much?
 Apr 26 2012 04:10 PM
^well, you can also say that to the obvious "morale police" out here. heck i can almost quote you word for word starting with "if you want to have a personal vendetta then good for you. nobody else needs to hear about it though." etc etc etc.

besides, commenting is not the same as acting on it. i mean i can go on all day how nice their legs are and i don't think FBI would go after me for that asides the fact i'm not american so it shouldn't really matter ;o
 Apr 27 2012 12:13 AM
 Apr 27 2012 03:07 AM
hello this is the real user and i want to real quick is that i didn't post the commnents before i bearly found out today someone hacked in to my pc .i notice whille a friend called saying iam online but i was work at that time i founded the hacker his name is chaos and random numbers iam sorry he cause any problems and i hope you forgive me.
 Apr 27 2012 01:04 PM
^ ironically the person that hacked your account types the same way you do.

This thread is hilarious.
 Ganbacchae! It's Alright!
 Apr 27 2012 03:50 PM
Is it over? I guess I missed everything while I was getting popcorn.
Also, all these comments and not one acknowledges the flawlessness pairing skirts with Chucks! Shame on you all!
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