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Wada Ayaka,

Maeda Yuuka,

Fukuda Kanon,

Takeuchi Akari,


Katsuta Rina,

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Uploaded on 01-September 11
By lalasoso
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Picture size: 610x406
Picboard: Hello!Project 

 Sep 01 2011 09:08 AM
something is horribly wrong with this picture. -still not over Saki-
 Sep 02 2011 02:07 AM
S/mileage is doubled in size now... I don't like the drastic change but I'm still looking forward to learning more about the new sub members. I still <3 S/mileage! :)
 Sep 02 2011 03:35 AM
brb bawling forever.
 Sep 02 2011 03:45 AM
It's just too different o_o

I wish the new members' skirts would be shorter XD
 Sep 02 2011 05:38 AM
^ "I wish the new members' skirts would be shorter" How did Sayu take over your account, Arche? =P ;-)