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Wada Ayaka,

Takeuchi Akari,

Katsuta Rina,

Nakanishi Kana,

Tamura Meimi,

Kosuga Fuyuka,
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Uploaded on 26-August 11
By sunshine0823
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Picture size: 717x960
Picboard: Hello!Project 

 Aug 26 2011 07:54 AM
S/mileage is dead: all hail the fresh new S/mileage!
And they all have short skits in this one!
*Getting excited about the new single*
 Aug 26 2011 07:55 AM
LOL Meimi.
 Aug 26 2011 08:22 AM
i love the new s/mileage
 Aug 26 2011 08:58 AM
Rina ❤ ❤ ❤
 Aug 26 2011 09:05 AM
Kanana-Chan has bangs!! Gosh her Smile is so cute ♥
 Aug 26 2011 09:51 AM
T_________________T They cut Kana's bangs... The last thing I wanted to happen ='[
Well, anyway, I sooo love thic pic ♥ Everything~
 Aug 26 2011 11:41 AM
I love Kana's bangs!! Waiting for them to cut Meimi's bangs as well :3
I have to admit, as much as I'm sad about Sakitty leaving, I have faith that the new S/mileage will be wonderful as well. Maybe not the same kind of wonderful, but still :)
 Aug 26 2011 04:30 PM
Takechan the cutest in this shot ^_^
 Aug 26 2011 04:32 PM
Sayu is probably hiding under the balloons. =P
 Aug 26 2011 05:19 PM

looks awesome ;U;
 Aug 26 2011 07:00 PM
where's Yuuka and Kanon?
 Aug 26 2011 07:07 PM
^ They're too busy chasing Tsunku around with whips. =P
 Aug 26 2011 07:52 PM
This looks like a photoshoot for a magazine or something
 Aug 26 2011 07:56 PM
^UTB I believe (the upcoming H!P special edition perhaps?)
 Aug 27 2011 11:23 AM
I forgot to mention DEM SOCKS. They rock.
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