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Wada Ayaka,

Maeda Yuuka,

Fukuda Kanon,

Ogawa Saki,

Takeuchi Akari,



Katsuta Rina,

Nakanishi Kana,

Tamura Meimi,

Kosuga Fuyuka,
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Uploaded on 14-August 11
By кαησησ¢нαη♫
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Picture size: 800x533
Picboard: Hello!Project 

 Aug 14 2011 07:34 PM
Kanon's hand on Rina's shoulder? Or Tsunku's?
 Aug 14 2011 08:29 PM
 Aug 14 2011 08:33 PM
If it was Tsunku's we probably could predict who would be getting solo-lines.
 Aug 14 2011 11:11 PM
Tsunku's hand is undoubtedly on her ass.
 Aug 14 2011 11:34 PM
^ Dude... D:

I'm very pleased with the girls he chose :3
 Aug 15 2011 01:49 AM
^ Mte XD
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