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Morning Musume,

Niigaki Risa,

Michishige Sayumi,

Tanaka Reina,

Mitsui Aika,

Fukumura Mizuki,

Ikuta Erina,

Suzuki Kanon,

Takahashi Ai,
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By pitawan
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 Aug 14 2011 11:22 AM
Awww 愛Believe ;__;
 Aug 14 2011 05:49 PM
愛Believe that I can't handle this. T______T
 Aug 14 2011 08:08 PM
愛 can't believe it's not butter.

no, but seriously, seeing that is really hitting home. she'll be leaving soon, and there's nothing we can do about it. i hate it so much! :'(
 Aug 25 2011 06:26 AM
I can't believe she's actually leaving. It's so weird thinking she'll be gone! :'( YADA!!!!!
I do like the title of the concert though...hopefully the last concert location will be in a HUGE theater.
Also....I'm gonna be so broke from all her graduating goods!
 Aug 25 2011 06:34 AM
^Last concert is in Budokan so yeah: pretty huge
 Aug 25 2011 08:40 AM
Good title... but am I right in hearing that Aika won't be performing with them at all this tour? :o
Not even at Budokan??
Not even with chair-san's help??? :o
 Aug 25 2011 03:14 PM

I know the feeling... we can cry together in a corner after the concert if you like!!
I started crying already, though!!! T^T
This is so wrong at so many levels!!

愛 will miss my 愛!!!
 Aug 25 2011 03:23 PM
"愛 can't believe it's not butter."

I LOL'd so hard at this that I choked on my own saliva XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

愛 will always be on m愛 m愛nd

 Aug 25 2011 08:36 PM
carrls: you got it. :P but i bet we won't be the only two crying. and how is crying already, wrong? it just shows how much heart you have.

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