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"Qian Lin, Linlin",

Fukuda Kanon,

Takeuchi Akari,

Miyamoto Karin,

Shin Minimoni,
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Uploaded on 31-January 10
By Nayok-Kihara
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Picture size: 1600x570
Picboard: Hello!Project 

 Feb 01 2010 01:21 AM
I wonder how far this group will go..I have my doubts lol
 Feb 01 2010 01:41 AM
We are talking about a concert unit here.
 Feb 01 2010 01:46 AM
Cuteness to the max! =)

@MOCHU : Doesnt really matter, for some things, a moment is all it takes, to create a forever memory...=)
 Feb 01 2010 02:59 AM
Linlin probably ate all 4 of those sundae's after they were done taking pictures xD
 Feb 01 2010 06:00 PM
I think Lin2 needs to complain that she got the smalles sundae!! :D
 May 03 2010 12:21 AM
^ its because linlin ate most of it since she loves her sweets
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