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  Hello! Q&A Ocha Norma (6/22/2024)  
  Hello!Project Written by Ro-kun , updated: 15:25, 24-Jun 2024  
  2024/6/22 Hello! Q&A

Ocha Norma

Q: When do you feel happy?

Saito Madoka
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When I feel that I'm loved by all the fans!
It's a miracle to me that I've been able to become an idol, so when I feel the love of everyone who found me and supports me I think "This is happiness~…"

Hiromoto Ruli
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When I'm having fun with all my heart, and when I return home to Hiroshima.

Ishiguri Kanami
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When I get in bed at night.
It's really happiness to sleep in my soft and fluffy bed.

Yonemura Kirara
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When eating a delicious meal!

Kubota Nanami
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When doing a live and having fun together with everyone!

Tashiro Sumire
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The time I spend in my futon watching dramas or movies or reading manga! I lo~~~ve it ♡♡

Nakayama Natsume
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It's when I'm able to see my family, and my pet dogs Kabu-chan and Uri-chan.

Nishizaki Miku
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When I'm in Okayama
When snuggling with my pet dog

Kitahara Momo
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When eating gummies, when eating something delicious, when sleeping, when doing a live!
Though there are really many, many more、、lol
Anyhow, after becoming an idol in Hello! Project there have been absurdly many "moments of happiness"! This moment right now is happy too!

Tsutsui Roko
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Recently it's been when I'm eating!
I really like to eat, so it makes me really happy!

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