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  Hello! Q&A Angerme (5/22/2024)  
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  2024/5/22 Hello! Q&A


Q: Please tell us about the good points of your hometown.

Kamikokuryou Moe
Posted Image

The food is too delicious! The majestic nature! It's beautiful! The people are kind!

Kawamura Ayano
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Its abundant seas, rivers, mountains and nature.
How its fish are delicious.
How the dialect is memorable.
How it has lots of warm people and people overflowing with Tosa love.

It's the place where Kawamura Ayano was born and raised lol

Sasaki Rikako
Posted Image

Kesennuma is a place where you can really sleep well
A stress-free place.
A place where you really want to breathe in the air

Ise Layla
Posted Image

The food and air are delicious.
It's just delicious (great) in general.
Since there's not just seafood but the meat is also too delicious, anything you have is just really delicious.

Hashisako Rin
Posted Image

The tap water tastes good.

Kawana Rin
Posted Image

How it's full of nature, there's lots of delicious things, and a lot of my relatives are there.

Tamenaga Shion
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Nagano's good points are how summers are cool since it's surrounded by mountains, and in winter you can enjoy winter sports! The air is also sweet! Additionally, since there are 8 neighboring prefectures, I think it's easy access from different places!

Matsumoto Wakana
Posted Image

It has a calming atmosphere, and all the neighbors are kind.

Hirayama Yuki
Posted Image

It's a peaceful place with lots of walking paths!

Shimoitani Yukiho
Posted Image

Its abundant nature and plentiful famous cherry blossom viewing spots.
There are also lots of hot springs.

Goto Hana
Posted Image

It's easy to live there in peace!

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Thanks to Mamiko for the graphics, and mekia for the source!

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