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  Hello! Q&A Ocha Norma (5/18/2024)  
  Hello!Project Written by Ro-kun , updated: 16:26, 19-May 2024  
  2024/5/18 Hello! Q&A

Ocha Norma

Q: What's a moment that made you think "I'm cool!"?

Saito Madoka
Posted Image

Eating faster than anyone else!
Since when going to a restaurant with friends they're often surprised saying "You eat so quickly, don't you?!", I'll go with this!
(Hm~m, I wonder if this is cool? lol)

Hiromoto Ruli
Posted Image

The moment I was able to sing a song I learned a long time ago better than I did then.

Ishiguri Kanami
Posted Image

When performing a cool song in a live and getting lots of applause from everyone.

Yonemura Kirara
Posted Image

Evading the bees in the morning.

Kubota Nanami
Posted Image

When hurling a Kyururun♡beam!

Tashiro Sumire
Posted Image

When I was able to realize an achievement.

Nakayama Natsume
Posted Image

Even though I have zero communication ability in English, being able to have a conversation while using gestures with foreigners standing in front of and behind me in line for an attraction when I went to a theme park the other day.

Nishizaki Miku
Posted Image

When I treated my family to a meal!

Kitahara Momo
Posted Image

It's the moment when I was able to see my abs a bit!
I do 3 to 5 minutes of muscle training every evening, so the moment I felt those results it makes me think "I'm cool!.......I guess?"! lol

Tsutsui Roko
Posted Image

It's never、、、!
I think every day that I want to become able to think I'm cool!!

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Thanks to Mamiko for the graphics, and mekia for the source!

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