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  Hello! Q&A Ocha Norma (1/20/2024)  
  Hello!Project Written by Ro-kun , updated: 3:49, 23-Jan 2024  
  2024/1/20 Hello! Q&A

Ocha Norma

Q: What would you do if you had a day off?

Saito Madoka
Posted Image

Play games as long as I'd like, watch anime, watch game commentary streamers!
Recently when I've had a day off I went to the movie theater and collaborative cafes for the whole day doing nothing but playing around, so I'd want to shut myself in at home and just do the things I like.
By the way, if it's a long time off I'd want to try going on a trip to Ishigaki!

Hiromoto Ruli
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I wanna go to an amusement park!!

Ishiguri Kanami
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Though it'd depend on the time and situation, I'd mostly just sleep the day away!

Yonemura Kirara
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Kubota Nanami
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Read manga!
I love shoujo manga, and since reading shoujo manga would increase my kyururun by being so heart-melting, I'd read a lot!

Tashiro Sumire
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I'd want to hang out with friends!! Like going shopping or something!
That, or sleep with my whole heart!

Nakayama Natsume
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I'd crash in bed!
That, or go out.
Recently I've liked shopping. (throughout the year)

Nishizaki Miku
Posted Image

Sleep with all my heart, or go to look at clothes!

Kitahara Momo
Posted Image

Slack off in my futon until midday, and in the afternoon eat a late lunch before going to laugh like crazy at an evening comedy live!

Tsutsui Roko
Posted Image

Though I keep saying it, sleep!!
But since Roko is an outdoor person and hates being inside all day, though I'd sleep as long as I can, when I get bored I'd go out somewhere!!
Like to a shopping mall, or just for a walk!
And then I'd do some solo karaoke!
This is probably what I do most!
Since I generally like to sing, I'd sing as much as I can!

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Thanks to Chuzzle for the graphics, and mekia for the source!

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