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  Hello! Q&A Ocha Norma (3/11/2023)  
  Hello!Project Written by Ro-kun , updated: 15:49, 16-Mar 2023  
  2023/3/11 Hello! Q&A

Ocha Norma

Q: What kind of time when looking at a girl would be a moment that makes you think, "She's so cute"?

Saito Madoka
Posted Image

Girls are cute just by existing!
If I had to say particularly, I like looking at girls whose eyes sparkle when they get excited about things they like。。
Also, I think Kitahara Momo-chan is the greatest since she's cute whatever she does!!! Everyday cute!

Hiromoto Ruli
Posted Image

When laughing
When working at something with all her heart
When talking about things she likes
When enjoying it with her whole heart after something happy happened

Ishiguri Kanami
Posted Image

Since it's priceless how everyone is cute and cool just by living, I'm grateful for each and every moment they live like that as humans.

Yonemura Kirara
Posted Image

When expressing dislike with something

Kubota Nanami
Posted Image

When eating something delicious, and smiling!
It's cute when they look like they're enjoying eating something! I'm like "Eat more!" lol
It's even better if they're eating with a big mouth. And I think smiling girls are really cute!
Since people who see smiles also become happy, I like being with girls who are smiling!

Tashiro Sumire
Posted Image

The moments their hair move
Moments when they laugh

Nakayama Natsume
Posted Image

When shaking their ponytails
When their noses become red in the winter cold

Nishizaki Miku
Posted Image

When she's working hard at being cute, the actions she makes at random moments, and facial expressions!
There are really nothing but cute things I see when looking at girls, so I've always thought I want to be like that too、、!

Kitahara Momo
Posted Image

It's "when seeing her vulnerable sleeping face".
In OCHA NORMA I often see Yonemura Kirara-chan's and Nishizaki Miku-chan's sleeping faces, and they're really cute.

Tsutsui Roko
Posted Image

When they smile after our eyes meet!

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