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Hello!Project Who is your favourite 15th gen. Momusu member?
  Rio Kitagawa
  Homare Okamura
  Mei Yamazaki
  I luv them all
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  Hello! Q&A Juice=Juice (11/21/2022)  
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  2022/11/21 Hello! Q&A


Q: Do you prefer summer or winter? Please also tell us why.

Uemura Akari
Posted Image

Winter! Since I don't like the heat。。

Dambara Ruru
Posted Image

Though it's cold, I like the crisp winter air and winter fashion like knits or boots.

Inoue Rei
Posted Image

Winter, since I can wear sweats or hoodies.

Kudo Yume
Posted Image

It's summer!
Since it's a carefree time, and it's the season for camping!

Matsunaga Riai
Posted Image

Since in the cold you can layer against it, but there are limits how you can deal with the heat.

Arisawa Ichika
Posted Image

Winter because if it's cold you can layer up from the top, but if it's hot there are limits!

Irie Risa
Posted Image

Since I get cold easily, it's just right in the summer! lol

Ebata Kisaki
Posted Image

Since I was born in the winter, and I like the winter air and atmosphere.

Ishiyama Sakura
Posted Image

Since I like the periods between spring and summer, and between fall and winter, they'd both just be average to me.

Endo Akari
Posted Image

It's summer!
As for why, because it's when ice cream is most delicious!


Credits to mekia for the source and Chuzzle for the banners!

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