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Hello!Project Who is your favourite 15th gen. Momusu member?
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  Hello! Q&A BEYOOOOONDS (11/11/2022)  
  Hello!Project Written by Ro-kun , updated: 15:14, 11-Nov 2022  
  2022/11/11 Hello! Q&A


Q: Please tell us about an episode of being close with your family.

Ichioka Reina
Posted Image

We talk about all the different things that happened that day!

Shimakura Rika
Posted Image

Everyone does a regular BBQ.

Nishida Shiori
Posted Image

The other day everyone went out for dinner!

Eguchi Saya
Posted Image

I'm in frequent contact with my sister, and we often go out together and such too.

Takase Kurumi
Posted Image

My mom, little sister, and I share clothes among the 3 of us.

Maeda Kokoro
Posted Image

My family always counsels each other for advice! I respect my dad and mom and brother all from my heart! I love them!

Yamazaki Yuhane
Posted Image

We do a good morning LINE.

Okamura Minami
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Everyone in my family generally hangs out in the living area so much that they only go to their own rooms to sleep!

Kiyono Momohime
Posted Image

Coming to like the same rapper.

Hirai Miyo
Posted Image

They send me off from the entryway until they can't see me anymore!

Kobayashi Honoka
Posted Image

On nights everyone gets together we always eat a meal while having nice chats. We get energized talking about different things like each of our pasts and serious human advice to each other. lol

Satoyoshi Utano
Posted Image

Every day we send each other videos and photos of our pet dog Omochi-kun!
When you hear bursts of laughter coming from our house, it's generally because Omochi did something funny.


Credits to mekia for the source and Locksaur for the banners!

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