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Hello!Project Rio Kitagawa - 3rd Photobook title . (0)

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  Hello! Q&A Tsubaki Factory (9/15/2022)  
  Hello!Project Written by Ro-kun , updated: 14:39, 16-Sep 2022  
  2022/9/15 Hello! Q&A

Tsubaki Factory

Q: Make up a proverb based on your own life experience.

Yamagishi Riko
Posted Image

Belief, and disbelief, depends on you.
I felt that way when I was told there was nothing.

Niinuma Kisora
Posted Image

Chanting the nembutsu into Kiso's ear
Since when the weather forecast says rain my parents tell me to bring an umbrella, but I often forget!

(t/n: this is a spin on a proverb "chanting the nembutsu into a horse's ear", which has a meaning of preaching to the deaf, someone who won't/can't listen)

Tanimoto Ami
Posted Image

Life somehow works out.

Kishimoto Yumeno
Posted Image

My long-cherished wish is sleep.
(Since wishing in a dream is the best, and wishing in reality often leads to the opposite result.)

Asakura Kiki
Posted Image

A camellia blooms eternally

Ono Mizuho
Posted Image

Look at your feet when you're having fun
Since there have been times when I get too excited, and don't watch my feet, and end up falling down、、、。

Onoda Saori
Posted Image

Work with sleep
I noticed that when I sleep 8 hours I'm able to focus on work with all my strength.

Akiyama Mao
Posted Image

Giving a metal rod to Mao
(t/n: This is a spin on a proverb "Giving a metal rod to an ogre" meaning to make something strong even stronger)

Kasai Yuumi
Posted Image

Believe in yourself and plunge forward

Yagi Shiori
Posted Image

You'll manage somehow when there's something to do

Fukuda Marine
Posted Image

The careless will surely fail

Yofu Runo
Posted Image

Hello .... I can't read your name

Original Japanese text:

Thanks to shelliana for the graphics, and mekia for the source!

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