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07-Jul 2022
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  2022/6/20 Hello! Q&A


Q: What's your own anger management style you use when you get upset?

Uemura Akari
Posted Image

Talk to someone, use the shredder, watch animal videos.

Dambara Ruru
Posted Image

Since I think there are just times some things happen, or this person has this type of personality, or stop one step short of things before meddling too much with them, I don't generally get irritated!

Inoue Rei
Posted Image

Listen to my favorite songs!

Kudo Yume
Posted Image

Write a lot on paper!

Matsunaga Riai
Posted Image

Shut it away in my heart.

Arisawa Ichika
Posted Image

Think about not blaming someone, but finding the cause in myself!

Irie Risa
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Shutting it away in my heart.

Ebata Kisaki
Posted Image

Write the reason for the anger that only I can see.


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