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07-Jul 2022
Hello!Project Kishimoto Yumeno - Yumenoato (Photo. (0)

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Hello!Project Who is your favourite 15th gen. Momusu member?
  Rio Kitagawa
  Homare Okamura
  Mei Yamazaki
  I luv them all
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  Hello! Q&A MM'22 (6/7/2022)  
  Hello!Project Written by Ro-kun , updated: 13:38, 9-Jun 2022  
  2022/6/7 Hello! Q&A

Morning Musume '22

Q: Tell us your favorite anime characters.

Fukumura Mizuki
Posted Image

Dokin-chan from "Sore Ike! Anpanman"
Lum-chan from "Urusei Yatsura"
Taiga from "Toradora!"
Though it's not by a wide margin, these are probably my best 3.

Ikuta Erina
Posted Image

Kitagawa Marin-chan, Nakano Ichika-chan, Toga Himiko-chan, Kamado Nezuko-chan, Sylveon

Ishida Ayumi
Posted Image

The one I like so much he's like in the hall of fame, is Soma Kyo-kun from Fruits Basket
One I've liked for a long time is Kudo Shin'ichi from Detective Conan
One I'm liking recently is Matsuda Jinpei from Detective Conan
From an anime I fell in love with after going back and watching it again, Inuyasha
If we're talking Kimetsu no Yaiba, Inosuke

Oda Sakura
Posted Image

The one I've come to like most recently is Kaneki Ken-kun from Tokyo Ghoul!

Nonaka Miki
Posted Image

・ Sasha (Attack on Titan)
・ Hange (Attack on Titan)
・ Nakano Nino × Nakano Miku (The Quintessential Quintuplets)
・ Panda-senpai (Jujutsu Kaisen)
・ Inosuke (Kimetsu no Yaiba)
・ Tohru (Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid)
・ Kanna (Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid)
・ Nagato Yuki (The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya)
・ Beatrice (Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World)
・ Seiun Sky (Uma Musume)
・ Suika (Dr. STONE)

Makino Maria
Posted Image

Majin Buu

Haga Akane
Posted Image

Sara from Princess Sara
Marika-chan from Marie & Gali
Sailor Saturn from Sailor Moon
Cure Marine from Pretty Cure

Kaga Kaede
Posted Image

Todoroki Shoto from "My Hero Academia"
Levi・Hange from "Attack on Titan"
Satoru Gojo from "Jujutsu Kaisen"
Taiga from "Toradora!"
Nase Hiroomi from "Beyond the Boundary"
Yamagi from Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans
etc. etc.

Yokoyama Reina
Posted Image

One I like recently is Saitama from One Punch Man! He's too strong. So cool!

Morito Chisaki
Posted Image

Kagura-chan (Gintama)

Kitagawa Rio
Posted Image

I don't watch anime、、、、、

Okamura Homare
Posted Image

Cure Coral

Yamazaki Mei
Posted Image

・ Hoshimiya Ichigo-chan, Kanzaki Mizuki-san, Todo Yurika-chan from Aikatsu!
・ Akagi Miria-chan from The Idolmaster Cinderella Girls
・ Nishikino Maki-chan from Love Live!

Original Japanese text:

Thanks to Locksaur for the graphics, and mekia for the source!

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