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Hello!Project Who is your favourite 15th gen. Momusu member?
  Rio Kitagawa
  Homare Okamura
  Mei Yamazaki
  I luv them all
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  Hello! Q&A BEYOOOOONDS (4/8/2022)  
  Hello!Project Written by Ro-kun , updated: 15:32, 11-Apr 2022  
  2022/4/8 Hello! Q&A


Q: What is your treasure?

Ichioka Reina
Posted Image

Of course the letters I've received from the members,
but also the letters from the fans who always support me!

Shimakura Rika
Posted Image

The movie ticket stubs and flyers I collect a bit,
and the snow globes I collect a bit

Nishida Shiori
Posted Image

A necklace I got from my grandma

Eguchi Saya
Posted Image

The stuffed toys I've had with me my whole life since I was little.

Takase Kurumi
Posted Image


Maeda Kokoro
Posted Image

I wonder... I can't decide.
Everything is a treasure!

Yamazaki Yuhane
Posted Image


Okamura Minami
Posted Image

Stuffed toys
Though I have a lot, they're precious treasures which hold respective deep memories ♡

Kiyono Momohime
Posted Image

The first "Megane no Otokonoko" demo sound source I got!!
I like it since I haven't used it for skits yet, and it's a sound source I can't imagine using in the current version of "Megane no Otokonoko"!!!

Hirai Miyo
Posted Image

My life until today, and the environment around me (my real feeling...)

Kobayashi Honoka
Posted Image

The grand piano I've had with me since I was in 4th grade.

Satoyoshi Utano
Posted Image

My pet dog Omochi-kun.
I want him to be with me my entire life.


Credits to Saeba Ryo for the source and Locksaur for the banners!

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