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28-Jan 2022
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02-Feb 2022
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14-Feb 2022
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28-Feb 2022
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  Hello! Q&A Ocha Norma (1/14/2022)  
  Hello!Project Written by Ro-kun , updated: 18:30, 14-Jan 2022  
  2022/1/14 Hello! Q&A

Ocha Norma

Q: Tell us what you had for lunch today!

Saito Madoka
Posted Image

It was katsu-don! Mom made it for me.

Hiromoto Ruli
Posted Image

A bento my mother made for me!!
Inside it is straw-wrapped salmon, spinach with sesame sauce,
candied yams, chopped burdock with sugar and soy sauce, fried egg, and a mandarin.

Ishiguri Kanami
Posted Image

I ate miso ramen and apple pie!
As topping for the ramen, I had my favorite "butter" and "corn" (^ - ^)
The apple pie my mom made when I went back home!
She made it with apples sent from our relatives in Yamagata~!!
Since everyone in the family loves apple pie, it was a scramble to snag some lol

Yonemura Kirara
Posted Image

Fried prawns!!!
Since I hadn't had them for a while, they were incredibly delicious.

Kubota Nanami
Posted Image

It's yakisoba and broccoli.
Since I went home early to return a test today,
after I got back I looked through the fridge and made "yakisoba" for myself!!
Since broccoli has gotten plump recently, I thought I'd also have it to add a bit of vegetable, and there's always some of it to eat in the fridge.

Tashiro Sumire
Posted Image

Vegetable soup and pizza!
I like margherita pizza the best.
As for the vegetable soup, it has lots of different veggies in it
since mom made it while thinking about nutrition.

Nakayama Natsume
Posted Image

There's a specialty salad shop in front of the station, and by the time I noticed it, there was a long line.
It's a wonderful shop where you can choose your own favorite things to put in it, so I feel like I'll become a regular customer.
Since it seems recently there are unique salads with stuff you can add to a fruit salad, I'd like to try it. I generally love basil.

I got it from a member.
Since it was red pepper mentaiko, it made me incredibly hyper.

Nishizaki Miku
Posted Image

Today's lunch is miso stewed udon, and candied yams!
I split both with my mother!! lol

Kitahara Momo
Posted Image

Stir-fried sweet and spicy wakame rice, oden, sweet and salty fried burdock
It's the school lunch menu.
Though I never usually eat a lot, the chikuwa fishcake in the oden was delicious, so I got seconds.

Tsutsui Roko
Posted Image

Bento (hamburger ・ pork miso soup ・ salad)
I always start by eating the veggies,
and my favorite corn was in it so it was incredibly delicious.

Original Japanese text:

Thanks to Chuzzle for the graphics, and Saeba Ryo for the source!

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