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Hello!Project Who is your favourite 15th gen. Momusu member?
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  Hello! Q&A Angerme (11/10/2021)  
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  2021/11/10 Hello! Q&A


Q: Please tell us your top three favorite animals.

Takeuchi Akari
Posted Image

1 Dogs
2 Cats
3 Penguins

Kawamura Ayano
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Rabbit dachshund
Call ducks
Green tree frog

Sasaki Rikako
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Kamikokuryou Moe
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1. Oolong
1. Hana
1. Seira

Kasahara Momona
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Wolves, Dragons, Giant oarfish

Ise Layla
Posted Image

Panda-sans, River otters, Penguins

Hashisako Rin
Posted Image

1. Cats
2. Green tree frogs
3. Leopard gecko

Kawana Rin
Posted Image

1. Frogs
2. Cats
3. Dogs
I like how frogs have a cute way of eating, and I also like how they're soft to the touch!

Tamenaga Shion
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1. Squirrels (I've always loved them! Their big fluffy tails and full mouths when eating are especially cute!"
2. Monkeys (Since I'm the Year of the Monkey, there's an affinity, and seeing them up close at Jigokudani Hot Springs made me like them more!)
3. Frogs (This is completely Hashisako-san's and Keronnu's influence!)

Matsumoto Wakana
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1・・ Red pandas
2・・ Pomeranians
3・・ White tigers

Original Japanese text:

Thanks to Locksaur for the graphics, and Saeba Ryo for the source!

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