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  2021/10/18 Hello! Q&A


Q: Please tell us about an impactful early childhood memory.

Kanazawa Tomoko
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I loved making mudballs, so remember always making them.
Since I'd cry when they fell apart too, mom warned me not to bring them home anymore.
I don't even understand myself why I worked so hard on them. lol

Uemura Akari
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Though I don't remember memories from my early childhood, I recently heard that I got something as a present I didn't ask for, and since I didn't like it immediately tossed it in the trash can.

Inaba Manaka
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I worked hard to see how pretty I could make a mudball.
I hid it at the edge of the sandbox at the park, and day after day I'd keep adding sand to it to make it smooth! lol

Inoue Rei
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I would fool around every time someone took my picture.

Dambara Ruru
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Eating Anpanman cake my mother made for my birthday!

Kudo Yume
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So I would fall down every day when I was in kindergarten, and well, since you couldn't ride the kindergarten's swing much since it was very popular,
when the swing was free I ran toward it to try and play with it but ended up falling on my face so couldn't ride it.

(t/n: You'd think she didn't manage to fit tako into this story, but you'd be wrong ブランコに乗れなかっタコとです。)

Matsunaga Riai
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When my mom and dad went out, I wanted to go with them so badly that I broke the window to escape the house.
The neighbors all helped search for me.

Arisawa Ichika
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I hear I had a memory from when before I was born.
When I was 1 and a half I apparently said "Splashing in the middle of the red".
I don't remember it at all now lol lol

Irie Risa
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Becoming able to ride a bicycle without training wheels for the day when I was around 3~4! lol
Ignoring all adults I wasn't used to, even if they talked to me, since I was too shy ( -_-; )

Ebata Kisaki
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Taking a 3-month trip to New Zealand with mama and my big sister.


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