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  Hello! Q&A MM'21 (9/28/2021)  
  Hello!Project Written by Ro-kun , updated: 15:29, 28-Sep 2021  
  2021/9/28 Hello! Q&A

Morning Musume '21

Q: What's a food you're obsessed with recently?

Fukumura Mizuki
Posted Image

Animal crackers

Ikuta Erina
Posted Image

Tsukimi (moon-viewing) burgers

Ishida Ayumi
Posted Image

Peaches! is what it was, but since the season has ended, I'm saaaad!
Though I'm also into making pickled cucumber and eggplant and yams, those are also all summer vegetables huh~.
But since I also love sweet potatoes in the fall...
Ah! Pears! That's right, it's pear season! I love them! I'll be obsessed with them for now!

Sato Masaki
Posted Image

Fruits in general!!

Oda Sakura
Posted Image

For a bit less than 2 years now, I've been totally obsessed with ganjang-gejang!
I invite BEYOOOOONDS' Shimakura Rika-chan out to eat it!

Nonaka Miki
Posted Image

Frozen watermelon and melon bars!

Makino Maria
Posted Image

Golden margherita pizza

Haga Akane
Posted Image

Though I used to like it too, recently I'm utterly obsessed with it.

Kaga Kaede
Posted Image

Though it's a drink rather than food, I've been obsessed with espressos. I also like it black more than like lattes and au laits.

Yokoyama Reina
Posted Image

Spicy noodles!
Though always rather than recently, I love it!
Eating it while repeating "Spicy, Spicy" over and over is the best.

Morito Chisaki
Posted Image

Zucchini, perilla

Kitagawa Rio
Posted Image

These last about 2 or 3 months I've had the same menu for breakfast every day, of vegetable soup, 130g shoulder roast, and 4 shishamo!!
Since recently I've been smelling them more, and the shishamo have gotten plumper, they're very delicious!

Okamura Homare
Posted Image

Always meat ♡

Yamazaki Mei
Posted Image

Salted 〇〇 sweets.
(I especially like salted caramel sweets! Fukuoka's salted pudding was delicious.)

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